Blue Wave Activists: Be a Part of History & Join #WaveCast

Our movement has weathered two years of Trump. Through a coordinated, grassroots reporting framework, we intend to experience our November wins (and losses) together.

#WaveCast is an experiment in election coverage, driven by us: activists who have spent the last two years fighting the Trump administration and building a Blue Wave. We asked the question:

Why should we spend two years together rallying the Democratic base and building a broad coalition, only to cede the election night narrative to the corporate media?

Right now, hundreds of national reporters are researching candidates and races for the first time. Are you excited to hear their analysis? Yawn. WE have built this wave. Now WE are going to report this election & celebrate our wins. Together.

The outcome of this election matters to us. We want our House, Senate, statehouse and local races to all #WinBlue. Let’s experience our wins and losses as a team.

#WaveCast will utilize the democratized platform of Twitter to transmit #BlueWave information to the public from Saturday, November 3rd through Election Day. Reporters will use dedicated hashtags to relay storylines, and Twitter users will be able to subscribe to #WaveCast through publicly-available Twitter ‘lists’ of vetted accounts.

We need more reporters. Please sign up to help.

There Are Three Reporting Roles:
  1. National Anchors / Analysts: Established, knowledgeable accounts providing high-level analysis of nationwide trends and storylines, threading together reporting from all 50 states. There will be ~20 people filling this role.
  2. State Captains: State-based activists/reporters with deep connections to campaigns and activist groups, connecting the dots and sharing the most pertinent issues and information surfaced by field reporters in their states. There will be ~40-50 people filling this role.
  3. Field Reporters: Rubber-meets-the-road activists with strong ties to at least one local, state and/or national campaign, sharing the colorful story of the Blue Wave from the activist’s perspective. There will be hundreds of people filling this role.
#WaveCast Will Share the Following Content:

Our state-based reporting teams will focus on:

  • US Congressional races
  • Gubernatorial races
  • State-level races (for Attorney General or Secretary of State, for example)
  • State legislature races
  • Local races, ballot measures, etc.

Information will be shared via:

  • Original tweets with unique analysis
  • Retweets of pertinent local, state & national sources
  • Pictures/descriptions from the field
  • Videos from the field/rallies/GOTV events
  • Video interviews with activists/candidates
  • Audio/podcasts for those who can bring that capability
Join #WaveCast

If you are an activist who has deep knowledge of local races and would like to share your perspective in the final days, please click here and fill out the form:


(If you have any issues filling out the form, please email

There is no expectation that you’ll spend the entire reporting period frantically tweeting. Far from it. If you are an activist, you are likely heading out to help get out the vote, monitor polling locations, or attend an election night party. All we ask is that you share those experiences with the world, whether you tweet five or five hundred times during the final four days. We hope you’ll sign up to help contribute.

Let’s get out there and win blue!