#WaveCast: Election Day Guidance

Here we go.

First of all – I want to thank you all for joining in on this experiment. I knew a good number of you before, but I’ve also met a lot of you for the first time through this project, and I am so happy I did.

What we have done is new. It’s innovative. And it is potentially replicable by the party – not for election coverage necessarily – but as a framework for organizing online activism and connecting it meaningfully to real world activities through a coordinated but decentralized network. As I mentioned yesterday, folks have their eyes on us. Let’s knock it out of the park today! By which I mean – let’s KEEP knocking it out of the park: by midday yesterday, #WaveCast had reached the 200,000,000 impressions mark. That’s…a lot.

  • Today – this morning – we will all write our own tweets (and RT each others’), asking voters to tweet out video and photos of the lines at the poles with the hashtag #WaveCast AND their state tag #WaveCastXX. Here is a graphic to use:


  • We are partnering with Jenny Cohn and #ProtectOurVotes. We’re recommending to folks that if they are having issues at the polls due to suppression or intimidation tactics, voting machine irregularities, etc. that they should tweet it out with a polling location and the hashtags #ProtectOurVotes and #WaveCast. Everybody please monitor the #WaveCast hashtag today and let Captains and Anchors know if somebody out there is asking for help.
  • Early in the day, please research and tweet out voting procedures, locations, ID requirements, etc. for your state – anything that will help people get to the polls and successfully cast a ballot.
  • Remind them who their Democratic candidates are that they should be voting for.
  • Let them know that they should keep tabs on your account, and #WaveCast generally, as returns are coming in.
  • Do as much final boosting of candidates as possible. Ask followers to share their favorite candidates from your state. Engage with them. This is it. After today – we have winners and losers. So if you’ve got something to say – say it.

Finally – as the as winds down and returns start rolling in – please take photos & videos of yourselves and your friends at whatever election night venues you make it to. Obviously if you are planning on being at a candidate’s watch party, it would be great if you could use Periscope to LiveStream their remarks. Please send me a Direct Message if you are planning on doing this so I can prep the broader team to amplify you.

Finally – have fun! Hopefully this will be a great day. Either way, we’ll keep working together to fight on.