#WaveCast: 11/3 Guidance

Good morning! Welcome to #WaveCast, team. Some updates for this morning. If I add updates during the day today, I will add it ON TOP of the existing list here as an update so you can find it easily.

  1. AND WE’RE OFF! #WaveCast is a go. This means that 70% of your tweets (this includes RTs) should be kept to the purpose of #WaveCast as outlined in our Guidelines. PLEASE READ THEM HERE.
  2. Last night I created a List and added every single WaveCast reporter & anchor. I will also create one of just the anchors. Please subscribe to these lists by going to my profile, clicking on my settings, viewing my lists & subscribing. This is a good way for us to track the overall flow of our feed. This will also be visible to the public. As you can see in the feed now, there are some pretty “standard RT’s” in there of general “#FlipItBlue” messaging that is not state-specific, along with other news, etc. This is totally fine because we hadn’t launched yet. Today this feed should get pretty clean with only state-relevant stuff (at least 70%) coming from our state-focused peeps. The messaging today is about GOTV, and everyone should be tweeting awareness/promotional tweets about #WaveCast and identifying themselves and their role.
  3. Anchors should go in and RT state folks to the extent you aren’t taken up by other things. I will RT a lot. State folks would probably be better off tracking the #WaveCastXX hashtag for their state, since you need to largely keep your RTs in-state. But it’s ok to help amplify other states, too.
  4. Captains can make lists of reporters for their particular states and make these public/tweet about it so that in-state Twitter users and subscribe and easily access your team’s content. Otherwise, you can just urge people to follow the #WaveCastXX hashtag for your state.
  5. Again – as the guidance says – less tweeting of high quality is better than more tweeting of meh quality. Remember – everything you tweet and RT will show up in the official #WaveCast Feed list.
  6. For state folks – please follow your state’s hashtags all day. We should all be urging users to tweet out their #TheLastWeekend GOTV stories, videos, photos, etc. with the state’s #WaveCastXX hashtag. By tracking that hashtag, you’ll be able to RT their posts or QT their posts with a comment and slip it into our feed. Also – keep an eye on major resistance accounts from your state who may not know about this project, and feel free to interject comments on their tweets that asks them and their followers to use the #WaveCastXX hashtag for election/GOTV-related info.
  7. It’s ok to amplify our #WaveCast reporter friends from other states. But this is not a typical RT room scenario – you all should really have a magnifying glass on your own states and not worrying a ton about what’s happening elsewhere. Think of it like you’re a beat reporter. If a beat reporter’s content is largely outside their beat, they’ll lose the confidence of the people who go to them for specific info.
  8. Everyone can continue to recruit but less of a focus on that. If there are unaffiliated folks out there using our hashtag, you could send them a DM and invite them or do so in a reply.