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Staff roles

We are currently recruiting for multiple DemCast organizational leadership roles, including Director of Content, Director of Partnerships and Volunteer Manager. For more information about staff roles and how to apply, CLICK HERE

Volunteer Interest Form

Use this form to indicate how you might contribute your time and talents to this effort. Below the form, we have listed some of the roles that we are currently recruiting for, or will be soon. 

Now recruiting

State Outreach Coordinators (Position description)

State Outreach Coordinators will help DemCast connect the dots within your state – linking our effort to local activist groups like Indivisibles and Democratic Party groups so that we can curate and amplify their content. You will work in tandem with Content and Social Media Captains assigned to your state, together comprising a DemCast state leadership team. 

STATE Content CaptainS (position description)

As Content Captains, you will find potential content creators (writers, podcasters, graphic artists, etc.) in your state, prompt participation, mentor them, identify stories that need to be told and share those ideas with the creator team. 

State Social Media Captains (position description)

This essential role requires finding social media digital activists in your state, introducing them to the model, identifying what state-specific messages need to be amplified, and guiding their engagement and amplification. 

Campaign Correspondents (position description)

One of the key roles from a content production standpoint, Campaign Correspondents will cover one or more local and/or state-level campaigns: attending events, interviewing candidates/constituents, reporting on GOP opponents, diving deeply into community perception of key issues, etc.


recruiting in August/September, 2019

DemCasters – Social Media amplifiers

DemCasters are social media users who agree to spread our blue messaging by sharing content from the site and using/amplifying #DemCast hashtags. Posting, tweeting & sharing grassroots media helps to spread a positive message about our movement. 


Do you like to write about, analyze and report on the political world for your own blog site or on Medium/Daily Kos? We would love to share your content via DemCast as well, where you will benefit from our social media amplification network. If you’re not already writing elsewhere, we’re happy to post and boost your writing. We’re especially interested in topics that generally get overlooked by media – with an emphasis on state/local races & topics.


Got opinions? Do you want to make the case for particular policies, positions and/or politicians through persuasive opinion writing? Your perspective is welcome on DemCast. 

Graphic Artists & Video Producers

Memes, graphics and videos are increasingly important in modern day campaigning and this age of information warfare. DemCast will publish and store a library of high-quality, grassroots-produced graphic content with smart tags that can be easily found & shared in tweets & posts on social media. If you are producing pro-blue, truth-telling graphic content, we can help spread it across social media.

Content Editors

With all of this content coming in, we’re going to need some help assuring that everything is aligned to our editorial standards. Content editors will review drafts and provide feedback to grassroots content creators. Editors will also provide guidance about story cultivation/curation. This is a great role for individuals with backgrounds/training in journalism. We will also need copy editors to do final checks on grammar, spelling & word choice for produced pieces.


DemCast is largely about curation – finding independent voices & artists who carry a ‘DemCast’ message. Curators will patrol the internet and look for high-quality, pro-blue digital content/contributors that would be a good fit for DemCast. Curators will also work to identify potential topics that need more attention in the public discourse, and share those with Content Captains & Editors.