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Peter Joffrion is the Democratic nominee for US Congress in Alabama’s 5th District. Peter is a devoted husband and father, a lifelong Alabamian, and a person of deep conviction. He went to work for the City of Huntsville in the Office of the City Attorney in 1987 and retired as City Attorney in 2015. Service to the community is at the heart of his identity and core values. In addition to his career and many other community efforts, he is an active volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club in Huntsville, AL.

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No More Pay to Play in North Alabama - My opponent, Rep. Mo Brooks, is caught up in a pay-to-play scandal with convicted felons. Will he do the right thing and return his dirty campaign donations? In late July, reporter Kyle Whitmire outlined a massive political scandal in Alabama. According to Whitmire’s article, “It was the greatest astroturfing scheme ever brought to light … Continue reading No More Pay to Play in North Alabama
North Alabama Deserves Better - Peter Joffrion, Democratic Nominee in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District, on why he’s the candidate of the people that Alabamians need. An aging cohort of North Alabama workers are worried about their ability to retire. Empty factories are scattered across our district’s rural areas. Families are dodging bankruptcy due to the mounting costs of medical bills … Continue reading North Alabama Deserves Better