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Daryl Boling, State House (PA-152)
Jim Bratnober, State Senate (ID-15)
David Wilson Brown, US Congress (NC-10)
Lisa Brown, US Congress (WA-05)
Gil Cisneros, US Congress (CA-39)
Steven David, US Congress (TX-08)
Sharice Davids, US Congress (KS-03)
Justin Dewitt, US Congress (LA-06)
Peter Joffrion, US Congress (AL-05)
Catherine Krantz, US Congress (TX-04)
Susan Moran Palmer, US Congress (PA-16)
Brett Pransky, State House (OH-77)
Phillip Price, US Congress (NC-11)
Shawna Roberts, US Congress (OH-06)
Jill Schiller, US Congress (OH-02)
Mike Siegel, US Congress (TX-10)


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Beware the Pendulum Swinging Too Far Left: It’s What Our Adversaries Want- As the government shutdown drags on, more evidence emerges that President Trump’s inner circle indeed collaborated with Russians, and attacks on our institutions and media have become commonplace – it’s no question democracy is being tested. The midterm elections offered a sigh of relief for many Americans, and a glimmer of hope that Congress will … Continue reading Beware the Pendulum Swinging Too Far Left: It’s What Our Adversaries Want
Parties Divide. Issues Unite.- I’ve been knocking on doors since March, meeting everyone I can to hear about the issues they are facing.  My goal is to listen and learn how we can create solutions together to improve life in Idaho.  I want to be sure I’m concentrating on the most important things so I can work across the … Continue reading Parties Divide. Issues Unite.
Where Have You Gone, Mark Meadows?- My opponent in NC-11 is a no-show in his district. Elect Phillip Price: I'll show up for you.
I Will Protect Our Democratic Institutions- As your Representative in Washington's 5th Congressional District, I will defend the Constitution and ensure that corruption is met with accountability.
Bringing Constituent Services into the 21st Century- Daryl Boling, Democrat for PA District 152, describes how he wants to set a new standard for accessibility as a state representative.
I’m Phillip Price. I’m One of You, Running for All of Us.- I'm Phillip Price. I am running to give Western North Carolina a voice in Congress instead of a rubber stamp for the agenda of the rich and powerful.
Dear Conservative Friends: I Want to Represent You in Congress- I am David Wilson Brown, candidate for Congress in NC-10 and I care about the well-being of everyone in my district. Dear conservative friends and neighbors, I am not your enemy. I am not a socialist or a communist. I am not for taking your money to give to someone else. You work hard for … Continue reading Dear Conservative Friends: I Want to Represent You in Congress
Defend Our Communities from Political Gamesmanship- We cannot allow the census to be weaponized as a political tool.
Mark Meadows and the Failure of Character- I'm Phillip Price, Democratic candidate for NC-11. It’s long past time we talk about the character of my opponent - Mark Meadows.
WATCH: A Working Man for the Working People of NC-11- I'm Phillip Price, and I'm running to repeal and replace Mark Meadows in NC-11. Please help spread my message!
With Kavanaugh, We Have a Chance to Learn from Our Mistakes- In the era of #MeToo, Brett Kavanaugh needs to submit to a lie detector test along with new Senate questioning. Christine Blasey Ford, a college professor at Palo Alto University, has mounted a damning accusation against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  She alleges that in the early 1980’s, Nominee Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed … Continue reading With Kavanaugh, We Have a Chance to Learn from Our Mistakes
How We Start Supporting Workers, Again- In this Labor Day Op-Ed, CA-39 Democratic nominee Gil Cisneros lays out his priorities intended to lift up the American worker. “It is one of the characteristics of a free and democratic modern nation that it have free and independent labor unions. . . When union workers assemble with freedom and independence in a convention like this, … Continue reading How We Start Supporting Workers, Again
Lessons of Governmental Failures in Protecting our Water- Half a century ago, Pennsylvania native Rachel Carson authored “Silent Spring” and, for all Americans, stirred the consciousness and brought into sharp focus the environmental destructiveness and widespread poisoning of wildlife resulting from governmentally-sanctioned pesticides. Unfortunately, we are discovering all too late the degree to which our national leadership has lost its focus. And governmental … Continue reading Lessons of Governmental Failures in Protecting our Water
Dear Voters of All Affiliations: Thank You For Participating in Democracy- I am about to say something that will make my campaign manager need an aspirin, but: You should always vote for the candidate who YOU believe is the best choice for the office. Always. Even if it is an alternative-party candidate with little chance of winning the election. Because…. Firstly, I am an idealist who … Continue reading Dear Voters of All Affiliations: Thank You For Participating in Democracy
No More Pay to Play in North Alabama- My opponent, Rep. Mo Brooks, is caught up in a pay-to-play scandal with convicted felons. Will he do the right thing and return his dirty campaign donations? In late July, reporter Kyle Whitmire outlined a massive political scandal in Alabama. According to Whitmire’s article, “It was the greatest astroturfing scheme ever brought to light … Continue reading No More Pay to Play in North Alabama
Some Things Shouldn’t Be For Profit- In this piece, Mike Siegel (Democrat for US Congress in TX-10) takes on the private prison industry – which is profiting immensely off of immigrant family detention. “The billion-dollar industry of detaining immigrant kids.” This one headline poignantly captures the ills of our society. The Trump administration’s family detention policy, which has already caused irreparable harm … Continue reading Some Things Shouldn’t Be For Profit
Dysfunctional Congress- Lisa Brown, Democratic Candidate for WA-05, on how she’ll take on the pay-to-play system when she replaces Cathy McMorris Rodgers in Congress. I hear from people in every part of eastern Washington that they’re frustrated with a dysfunctional Congress and don’t feel like their representatives are working for them. It’s the same sentiment across the … Continue reading Dysfunctional Congress
Protect Our Access to Health Insurance: PA State Legislature Needs to Do the Right Thing- Daryl Boling, candidate for PA House District 152, on why his state needs to act to protect its residents with pre-existing conditions, before it’s too late. Before now, health insurance access regardless of pre-existing conditions had seemingly bipartisan support. However, in the latest of a long line of disturbing actions, the Trump Administration has unilaterally … Continue reading Protect Our Access to Health Insurance: PA State Legislature Needs to Do the Right Thing
Run For Your Lives- Democrat Jim Bratnober on why – and how – he’s running to flip his State Senate seat blue in deep-red Idaho. I’m a first-time candidate for State Senate in Idaho. I’ve never run for anything – ever. My motivation started as a nebulous urge to give back, after raising a great family and engaging in … Continue reading Run For Your Lives
WATCH: “My Story” by Sharice Davids- I’m Sharice Davids. I want to fight in Congress for health and well-being of the people of Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District. My story: Today, too many people have the odds stacked against them. I know what that’s like. But even when I didn’t have much, I still had opportunity. Because of my mom’s service in … Continue reading WATCH: “My Story” by Sharice Davids
The Facts Matter When It Comes To Guns- Steven David, the Democratic nominee for US House in TX-08, has faced a lot of questions about guns on the campaign trail. The facts matter. Texas’ 8th Congressional District is a giant district. If I leave my house in the southern part of the district and drive straight north, it will take me two hours … Continue reading The Facts Matter When It Comes To Guns
WATCH: The Land I Love- My name is Justin DeWitt and this is the story of the land I love and why I’m taking a stand on it for the love of what I believe to be true. I am not a politician. I am a surveyor. And as I surveyor I know floodplains can’t be lobbied into not flooding. … Continue reading WATCH: The Land I Love
I’m Fighting Alongside Louisiana’s Working Class- Trump’s steep tariffs risk $83 billion in revenue for Louisiana businesses. Democrat Justin Dewitt will defend the people of LA-06. The growing Trade War hurts everyone, but Louisiana most of all. Steep tariffs on steel and aluminum now threaten thousands of working and middle class jobs at ports across Louisiana, putting at risk more than … Continue reading I’m Fighting Alongside Louisiana’s Working Class
Transactional Humanity- Democratic Candidate Brett Pransky (OH-77) explains why moral appeals won’t work with Trump: he values political wins over human life. Before we begin, I’d like to ask a small favor. Reach into your pocket, a desk drawer, or that cup we all keep in our cars, and grab a quarter. Look at it. Both sides. … Continue reading Transactional Humanity
Being a Gay Democrat in the South- I knew from an early age what made me different. I knew, too, how it could impact my future when I watched my home state pass a constitutional amendment saying I couldn’t get married. I knew, also, what needed to change so my love would be accepted and treated fairly. Since watching that wave of … Continue reading Being a Gay Democrat in the South
How PAC Contributions Can Influence Legislation- A Pennsylvania legislator took money from a PAC, then crafted legislation to benefit them while trumpeting their cause. We need daylight on this. Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed Republican state Rep. Thomas Murt’s May 20 opinion piece titled “Mail order orthodontics on the rise.” In this column, Rep. Murt outlined the reasons that he believes mail-order braces … Continue reading How PAC Contributions Can Influence Legislation
Legalizing Marijuana in Texas: Shockingly Non-Controversial- Catherine Krantz, US House Candidate in TX-04, shares what she’s hearing on the trail: Texas is ready for legalization. Cannabis is the most commonly used drug in the world. 150 million users worldwide according to the World Health Organization.  In Town Halls all across northeast Texas, Texans of all kinds ask me about legalizing cannabis. … Continue reading Legalizing Marijuana in Texas: Shockingly Non-Controversial
Pennsylvania’s Proposed Down Syndrome Abortion Ban is an Abuse of Power- Following what has become a disturbing pattern, the Republican-led Pennsylvania Legislature recently approved legislation that bans a woman from obtaining an abortion solely based on a determination that the fetus is diagnosed with Down Syndrome. The vote on the bill (HB2050) sponsored by House Speaker Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, not only came without public hearings or any … Continue reading Pennsylvania’s Proposed Down Syndrome Abortion Ban is an Abuse of Power
And the Children Will Lead Them All…- Daryl Boling, candidate for the PA State House (D-152), shares his eloquent, no-nonsense plan for curbing gun violence in America. In the wake of the Parkland shooting — and the subsequent shaking of our nation’s ethical compass for gun safety, particularly as it guides us toward better protection of our children and families — it is poignant and telling … Continue reading And the Children Will Lead Them All…
Wenstrup Failed Ohioans by Looking the Other Way on “Zero Tolerance”- OH-02 Democratic nominee Jill Schiller shines a light on her opponent’s tacit approval of the Trump policy that led to the separation of children and parents. (Originally published in the Chillicothe Gazette, 6/22/18) Like so many Americans, I have been appalled by images of children being rounded up along our southern border and separated from … Continue reading Wenstrup Failed Ohioans by Looking the Other Way on “Zero Tolerance”
Trump’s Policy Toward Asylum-Seekers is Immoral and Un-American- Lawyer and Democratic Candidate Sharice Davids (KS-03) explains why turning away domestic and gang violence victims flies in the face of our founding ideals Every year, thousands of immigrants, asylum seekers, and migrants assume great hardships to find safety in America. They choose our country, because they see the United States as a land of justice, … Continue reading Trump’s Policy Toward Asylum-Seekers is Immoral and Un-American
North Alabama Deserves Better- Peter Joffrion, Democratic Nominee in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District, on why he’s the candidate of the people that Alabamians need. An aging cohort of North Alabama workers are worried about their ability to retire. Empty factories are scattered across our district’s rural areas. Families are dodging bankruptcy due to the mounting costs of medical bills … Continue reading North Alabama Deserves Better
I’m in it to Win it. Join Me.- I’m Sharice Davids, and I’m running for US Congress to unseat Kevin Yoder in Kansas’ 3rd District. Here’s why I’m going to win. I don’t look like your typical Congressman. But your typical Congressman doesn’t look like America. When I look at our current Congressional leadership, I see a homogeneous group of mostly wealthy, mostly … Continue reading I’m in it to Win it. Join Me.
WATCH: “The Fighter” – The Best Political Ad of 2018- Democrat Sharice Davids, running for Congress in KS-03, channels the passion and frustration of Americans in her inspiring first ad. Watch out, Kevin Yoder. Sharice Davids is coming for your job, and she seems like kind of a badass. Yes, Sharice went to Cornell Law and was a White House Fellow. But did you know … Continue reading WATCH: “The Fighter” – The Best Political Ad of 2018
I’m Running for Congress to Build a Better Road Forward- Democrat David Wilson Brown shares why he’s running in North Carolina’s 10th District: to fight for the people in his community, and to provide a check on the excesses of incumbent Patrick McHenry, this administration, and the GOP. I am a son of the middle class who has lived in North Carolina for over three … Continue reading I’m Running for Congress to Build a Better Road Forward