DemCast: Timeline to Launch


This is not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants operation. We on the DemCast team are taking our time to build this the right way, so that this initiative has lasting impact, well past 2020.

The Path Forward (Next 6 months)

June-July 2019:

  • Complete development/begin implementation of an outreach plan for local activist groups to solidify local partnerships, beginning with critical states & districts.
  • Secure funding and begin development of via partner Bonzai Media.
  • Begin recruiting for, vetting & training state-level volunteers: Outreach Coordinators, Social Media State Captains and Content State Captains.
  • Incorporate as a 501(c)4 not-for-profit organization, recruit & orient Board of Directors, begin grassroots fundraising to support site infrastructure.
  • Launch temporary web presence as permanent site build is under construction.
  • Release initial promo materials broadly to the public, including videos optimized for social media.

August-September 2019

  • Continue local outreach – leverage partnerships to begin recruitment/training of content and amplification volunteers in earnest. 
  • Bring on foundational staff to full-time, paid roles (Executive Director, Content & Social Media Directors). Solidify hiring strategy for media 
  • Create Bootcamp training coursework to prepare volunteers for success.
  • Begin to generate initial digital media content in preparation for site launch. 
  • Start social media amplification rooms in Twitter, by state. 
  • Generate connections to existing activist-driven Facebook groups in localities across the US.
  • Build and launch DemCast Facebook page – begin generating content and building a following.
  • Build and launch DemCast Instagram account. 

October-November 2019

  • Test site functionality/prepare for launch. 
  • Launch in November. 
  • Major media campaign to drive interest/traffic/volunteerism.
  • Initial deployment of social media digital activist network to amplify DemCast content. 
  • Launch campaign correspondents program / campaign outreach in earnest.
  •  Bring on Managers for specific areas of content: video production, podcasting, writing/editing, graphics, as well as a marketing/outreach manager.