DemCast – Now Recruiting: Director of Content

Director of Content Position Description

Grassroots-produced content plays a critical role in the DemCast model – and our ability to host and amplify it is our primary value proposition for local, state and national grassroots groups. 

The DemCast Director of Content is a senior leadership position in the developing DemCast organization, overseeing editorial strategy, content curation and creation, and the State Content Captain team – a group of (initially) volunteer content curators in states across the country. The Director of Content will lead in the visioning and execution of, which will not be live until this fall. 

The Director of Content will work with DemCast’s Executive Director and Director of Digital Strategy as the core leadership team that will bring the DemCast vision to fruition, in the context of the most important election of our lifetimes. 

This position – along with every position in DemCast at the outset – is unpaid. The intensity of the work and scope of the role certainly merit a salary, and we believe strongly that the value proposition brought by DemCast, combined with a concerted fundraising strategy, will yield results in 2019. In the meantime, we are seeking a dedicated and passionate professional with an entrepreneurial mindset to join our crew and help make this happen.

DemCast is (will be) an equal opportunity employer. Beyond that, we have a clear vision: to be the place where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, to stay and do their best work. To that end, DemCast is committed to bringing on team members who come from non-majority cultures, backgrounds and perspectives – because we want this organization to truly be representative of America. We are fully focused on equality and believe deeply that DemCast will only be successful if our staff and volunteers carry our commitment to inclusion.

The DemCast Director of Content will: 
  • Oversee development and implementation of strategy for all areas of content to be published on graphics, podcasts, articles & editorials, and videos. Supervise managers for each of these content areas.
  • Act as Executive Editor of all curated and original content published on the site, overseeing a team of content editors and copy editors who filter, edit & publish submitted content. 
  • Hone DemCast editorial standards to provide a clear roadmap for content creators so that they know what type of content is “DemCast” content.
  • Oversee the development and execution of the Inspire2020 Campaign Correspondent program: recruiting, coaching & publishing content from local writers who will track and report on key, competitive races across the country – from the perspective of a blue wave activist. 
  • Oversee State Content Captains, who will curate local content for their assigned states and recruit individuals to become regular contributors on 
  • Support the development of training for content creators, to be delivered through DemCast’s virtual ‘Bootcamp’ for digital activists. 
  • Work with the Director of Digital Strategy to ensure content is receiving maximum amplification from allied social media accounts.
  • Provide leadership in the development of, especially during the core site development phase during summer and fall of 2019. 
  • Interface regularly with grassroots activist groups, campaigns and politicians across the country.
  • Support resource development efforts for DemCast.
EXPECTED Time COMMITMENT & compensation:
  • Time commitment is negotiable and open for discussion during the launch phase, as initial work is on a volunteer basis. We envision transitioning this to full-time work and competitive compensation in the form of a senior leadership role once funding is secured.
  • Strong background curating, producing and/or editing high-quality content – especially political content.
  • Experience in activism, advocacy and/or campaigning at the local, state and/or federal level.
  • Entrepreneurial, collaborative spirit.
  • Demonstrated supervisory experience.
  • Strong sense for effective political communication, narrative building & use of media to bolster effectiveness of spreading a message.
  • Strong organizational skills, time management and attention to detail.
  • Leadership qualities/skills, including: conflict mediation, team management and provision of motivational support/mentorship.
  • Passion for voting, voting rights, vote security & for informing and mobilizing voters as a pathway toward getting America back on track.
  • Past experience with starting and sustaining new organizations.
  • Deep campaign experience – with an emphasis on communications. 
  • Strong familiarity with at least one social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).
  • Past leadership roles (volunteer or paid) in local or state political or activist organizations. 
  • Deep knowledge of local or state activism networks and communication streams.
to Apply:

If you are interested in this role and meet the core qualifications (or even most of them), please email a resume and cover letter to Open until filled.