DemCast – Now Recruiting: Campaign Correspondents



DemCast is a hybrid digital media strategy meant to amplify the voices of grassroots activists who are out there helping to turn America blue. There are many ways to get involved in this innovative digital media co-op. Click here to find more opportunities:

Campaign Correspondent – Position Description

After reading the description below, if you are interested in applying for this volunteer position, please send an email to with a description of why you’re a good fit, given the expectations and stated requirements. We will follow up.

From local state legislature races to US senatorial campaigns, grassroots activists have a unique opportunity to help educate the public about the candidates and races they are tracking closely. You are there. You are volunteering. You are attending events. Let’s take advantage of that engagement. Local media has been decimated by media conglomerates and clickbait journalism – this is a way to bring local coverage back, in a way that helps to drive our movement.

DemCast is looking for writers (along with photographers/videographers) who are planning to document the path that blue candidates are taking to victory in 2020 – detailing anything and everything, from rally speeches to policy stances to debate performances.

By acting as a Campaign Correspondent, you can capture the energy of a campaign and share it with those who aren’t paying as much attention, which can help to drive volunteerism and donations. The content that you produce will spread.

If you can write, but have never written these types of features before, we will have coaches available – activists who have covered campaigns and can provide insight about what angles to pursue and smart approaches to campaign reporting.

All content must be wholly factual. We will not publish propaganda or pass-through content that comes directly from campaigns.

Campaign Corespondents will:
  • Attend campaign events, track campaign activity, read press releases and itineraries.
  • Interview candidates, campaign staff, supporters & community members.
  • Investigate and analyze all aspects of the race(s) in question: opposition, voting history of the district/state, polling, demographics of the area, key issues for local voters, etc.
  • Engage with your volunteer coach and your peers to hone your practice as a Campaign Correspondent.
  • Draft news/feature blog posts and submit to your coach & the DemCast editing team for review.
  • Edit posts as recommended by your coach and/or editing team.
  • Share your posts on social media for message amplification.
  • Repost content on other sites wherever you publish (the more eyes, the better).
Expected Commitment

There is no minimum or maximum commitment. When we review your materials and reach out, we will engage you in a dialogue about your projected capacity and availability.

BENEFITS OF BEING A campaign correspondent:
  • Know that you are making a difference by providing coverage that gives needed exposure to blue wave candidates.
  • Connect with grassroots and establishment leaders locally and nationally.
  • Grow in personal political goals by being more informed on local and state issues, and interacting with other influencers, campaigns and politicians across the state.
  • Meet new friends with similar political goals and expand your personal/professional network.
  • Use skills learned in career or prior volunteer experience to help influence the American political process.
  • Receive training and mentorship to help hone your writing and communication skills.
  • Gain or expand experience in activism that may include interfacing with candidates, campaigns, the party and elected officials
  • Build your resume: Experience and results could assist in professional paid positions with DemCast and other grassroots or political organizations
  • A background in writing, and an ability to succinctly engage readers.
  • Passion for electoral politics and social progress.
  • Willingness & ability to receive and process feedback.
  • Willingness to engage with a coach to improve your effectiveness.
  • Reliability – if you say you are going to produce or edit a draft, you follow through.
  • Knowledge of journalistic standards for news and feature writing.
  • Experience covering and writing about public events, preferably including political campaigns.
  • Campaign communications background a plus.
  • Ability to assess the news value of campaign events.
  • Ability to clearly and concisely report on campaigns, events & politics.
  • Ability to research and cite background data/content that supports coverage focus.
  • Ability to edit draft content based on feedback from coaches/editors.
  • Ability to meet tight coverage deadlines for blog posting.