Is DemCast For You?


In addition to fulfilling the DemCast mission, volunteers and partners have a lot to gain from participation in this model.

Benefits for Content Creators (WRITERS, ARTISTS, PODCASTERS, ETC)
  • Exposure: DemCast will get your contributed digital creations in front of thousands of people, both on the site and via social media amplification. Contributors will be given the opportunity to build their own custom page to showcase their work.
  • Your Own Page on DemCast: As a regular contributor, you will be able to build your own “channel” on DemCast that has a direct link, where all of your content can be hosted. Your channel can link out to other, external site(s), and even to your personal PayPal or Patreon account. There will be no effort to peel revenue away from your work, if revenue is your goal. Because we are not a click-driven site, DemCast is not profiting off of your content.
  • Increased Traffic: If you have your own site that you would ideally like to direct traffic toward, DemCast will help. DemCast can link back directly to your site in the body of your written piece, include logos/site descriptions, subscription links, etc. DemCast should be a great way to find new readership. For podcasters and video bloggers, DemCast will be a great way to find a new audience and increase your subscription base.
  • Feedback: Through both staff and peer editing, DemCast will provide ways for you to hone your craft through intentional feedback structures.
  • Training on Social Media: A DemCast “Bootcamp” will offer ongoing training for volunteers about how to spread the message on social media more effectively.
Benefits for Social Media Amplifiers (“DemCasters”)
  • Be Part of a Team: Many Americans are already spreading information about elections, candidates, lawmakers and calls to action on social media. Instead of a scattershot, reactive approach, DemCast will offer an intentional, team-based model that recognizes your value as a digital activist & volunteer.
  • Deepen Your Skills & Broaden Your Reach: Through the DemCast Bootcamp, experts will offer guidance on social media strategies and about how to branch out across additional social platforms.
  • Focus Your Energy: Spend less time resisting/reacting to Trump and more time building momentum for 2020.
Benefits for Activist Groups/Organizations
  • Get Your Message Out: Many Indivisible, Democratic party and other groups across the nation are doing really important local work. The geographic focus of DemCast will help you connect to new volunteers and help you learn about complimentary efforts across your state and throughout the US. National groups can gain increased access to an activist base to engage with their calls to action and pro-democracy initiatives.
  • Post Your Media: Activist groups are producing amazing memes, art, articles and podcasts. Share your efforts to a broader audience through DemCast.
  • An Organizational Page on DemCast: If your local or national organization formally partners with DemCast (go here to find out more), you’ll be able to build your own “channel” on DemCast with a direct link. We can host all the curated media that you and your allies upload. In essence, DemCast can act as your own, slick media library. At no cost to you. No joke!
Benefits for Candidates and Campaigns
  • Increase Your Exposure: Candidates who contribute to DemCast via op-eds, interviews & podcasts will increase their exposure to grassroots activists (the ones who like to volunteer and donate to the candidates that take the time to connect with them).
  • Build Your Following: Social media is increasingly important to electoral success, and don’t let high-paid consultants tell you otherwise. DemCast will offer a built-in community ready to boost your online profile.
Benefits for Elected Officials
  • Spread the Word: Democrats and progressives across the country are doing amazing things in office – conducting town halls, introducing important legislation, providing needed oversight in committees and subcommittees, etc. But it is impossible to break through in the 24/7 media cycle. Press releases don’t work anymore. DemCast gives you a direct line to activists who do care about what you’re doing and want to help you spread the word.
Benefits for DemCast Readers/Listeners/Consumers
  • Cut Through the Noise: The news cycle is too much to handle. Social media is a wild west shootout. If you want to read less about the daily atrocities and more about the solution, DemCast will be a breath of fresh air.
  • Learn How to Get Involved: DemCast will be plastered with ways to get involved in activism in really practical ways – from writing postcards for the next state-level special election to leaving important constituent comments on You’ll hear first-hand from people who have worked as Precinct Committee Persons, canvassers and phone-bankers about what their experiences were like – and hopefully they’ll inspire you to do more.