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David Wilson Brown is a Progressive Democrat running for NC’s flippable 10th district. He supports living wages for all, a move towards universal healthcare via a Medicare buy-in program, and a strong push toward expanded educational opportunities for all, as we face a new 21st century economy where automation may eliminate millions of jobs within a few decades. David is a husband and father of two children who has lived in McAdenville, NC since 2012. A North Carolinian for over 30 years, having grown up in the Charlotte area, David works as an IT consultant.

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I’m Running for Congress to Build a Better Road Forward - Democrat David Wilson Brown shares why he’s running in North Carolina’s 10th District: to fight for the people in his community, and to provide a check on the excesses of incumbent Patrick McHenry, this administration, and the GOP. I am a son of the middle class who has lived in North Carolina for over three … Continue reading I’m Running for Congress to Build a Better Road Forward