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“I am the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania State House in the 152nd District. After nearly 20 years of providing financial leadership to arts organizations, including several years managing our beloved Bucks County Playhouse, I believe that these experiences have taught me how to bring skilled individuals together to align often disparate ideas and converge those energies toward a common good. In the not-for-profit sector, talent and resources are always at a premium, so the art of collaboration is critical to thriving and paramount for growth.

I now want to bring that experience of community building and cooperation to the State House in Harrisburg, where the current climate of dysfunction and waste are standing in the way of the true priorities of Pennsylvania families—key among them, education, women’s rights, equality for all, common-sense gun laws, renewable resources and the environment, healthcare, and incentives for bringing tomorrow’s jobs to our region. And once and for all, let’s bring a united voice to the fight against bigotry and in support of freedom from discrimination for all.” – Daryl Boling

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And the Children Will Lead Them All… - Daryl Boling, candidate for the PA State House (D-152), shares his eloquent, no-nonsense plan for curbing gun violence in America. In the wake of the Parkland shooting — and the subsequent shaking of our nation’s ethical compass for gun safety, particularly as it guides us toward better protection of our children and families — it is poignant and telling … Continue reading And the Children Will Lead Them All…