DemCast: Challenges & Opportunities

Challenge #1: Bots, trolls & misinformation campaigns create online noise and confusion.

Opportunity: DemCast will build an online platform to mobilize digital activists to share and amplify on-message digital content to counterbalance misinformation campaigns. Digital activism is a valid form of political volunteering.

The online portal will feature peer feedback and networking opportunities, and will offer free coaching on digital activism, content production and amplification strategies. DemCast will be a hub to connect activists / volunteers together with a common mission, and will seek to recruit and support hybrid activists who engage in both digital and in-person activism.

Key digital activist roles in the DemCast model include:

  1. Digital Content Creators, who produce disbursable digital assets in support of candidates and causes. DemCast will help to spread these digital assets (including writing, podcasts and art) across a variety of social media and online platforms;
  2. Digital Content Amplifiers, who use social media to distribute content, and work together to amplify digital assets and strategic communication.
Challenge #2: High-quality grassroots content often fails to reach larger audiences.

Opportunity: Create an online platform to share compelling grassroots content developed by activists, writers, artists, thinkers, students and musicians, and amplify their message beyond their immediate communities. Digital assets include writing, graphics, art, videos, music and podcasts. DemCast will identify and curate digital content, and amplify it through a dedicated social media amplification strategy.

In addition to amplifying other grassroots content, DemCast will exclusively produce and disseminate pro-blue, pro-equity, anti-GOP content. Both the quality of the content and the mechanism for social media amplification are important for the success of this effort. The DemCast platform will provide a seamless interface for submitting digital content and volunteering to anchor a regional hub or be a digital amplifier.

Challenge #3: Efforts to drive a deep wedge between left and centrist Democrats will only increase in 2019 and 2020.

Opportunity: Strengthen the Democratic strategy and infrastructure in advance of the 2020 elections. DemCast will establish a safe, disinformation-free zone for curated content that shares the DemCast focus on our shared, big-picture Democratic values. We are stronger together and we need to see more content that reminds us of this. DemCast aims to strengthen the left going into 2020 with curated content that is consistent with the message of unity.

Recruit a broader community of Dems and in-person activists to social media and provide a safe platform for them to share ideas and content; i.e. in-person and post-carding to drive more people to the shared digital spaces.