No More Pay to Play in North Alabama

My opponent, Rep. Mo Brooks, is caught up in a pay-to-play scandal with convicted felons. Will he do the right thing and return his dirty campaign donations? In late July, reporter Kyle Whitmire outlined a massive political scandal in Alabama. According to Whitmire’s article, “It was the greatest astroturfing scheme ever brought to light … Continue reading No More Pay to Play in North Alabama

Dysfunctional Congress

Lisa Brown, Democratic Candidate for WA-05, on how she'll take on the pay-to-play system when she replaces Cathy McMorris Rodgers in Congress. I hear from people in every part of eastern Washington that they’re frustrated with a dysfunctional Congress and don’t feel like their representatives are working for them. It’s the same sentiment across the … Continue reading Dysfunctional Congress

It Started with Reagan

Trump is capitalizing off of decades of government-bashing from American conservatives. “Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.” The great conservative hero Ronald Reagan muttered these famous words at his first inaugural address in 1981. And who can forget another famous quote from Reagan: "The ten most dangerous words in … Continue reading It Started with Reagan

Money is as Money Does: The Catch-22 of Big Money in Politics

Democratic Candidate Kirsten Kennedy (MN-08), on the problem of money in our politics, and what we should do about it. The majority of Americans want big money out of politics, so do I. We’ve wanted it for a very long time. Candidates since 2010 have pledged to end Citizens United, yet it’s still here. So … Continue reading Money is as Money Does: The Catch-22 of Big Money in Politics