It’s the “Democratic Party”, not the “Democrat Party”

For decades, Republicans have been trying to re-label the Democratic Party. It seems like they're finally winning. From our series on The GOP Con. Plutocrat. Kleptocrat. Bureaucrat. There aren't many words that end in "-crat" that have a positive connotation. This is one key reason that Republicans have been on a decades-long quest to relabel the … Continue reading It’s the “Democratic Party”, not the “Democrat Party”

Why We Need Political Parties

Aren't political parties bad for democracy? Shouldn't smart voters stay away from parties altogether? No and no. Lots of smart people have pointed out the problems that political parties can create. James Madison, for example, worried that factions would cause officials to decide important questions based on narrow interests rather than the public good. George Washington (whose cabinet … Continue reading Why We Need Political Parties