IMG-0167Nick Knudsen is the creator and Editor-In-Chief of DemWrite Press. Nick is a writer and self-proclaimed democracy warrior from the Pacific Northwest. He earned his Bachelors from Cornell University and his Masters at Stanford. Passions include the San Francisco Giants, science fiction and bacon. Find him on Twitter.

DemWrite Press features contributors from a range of backgrounds, including politicians, academics, activists, journalists and everyday Americans.

Why DemWrite Press?

The advent of new media has changed our world, providing unprecedented ways to transmit misinformation more efficiently and effectively. Those in power are harnessing this power to spread propaganda, lies and fear. This assault on truth will continue long beyond the tenure of Donald Trump, as will the heavily entrenched political corruption that prevents social progress.

At DemWrite Press, we believe that a key antidote to the Trumpification of America is a highly engaged and knowledgeable voting populace. We’ll do our best to provide key information to help Americans take effective action and make informed choices.