About DemCast

DemCast is a growing team of grassroots activists, writers, artists & thinkers. We’re trying to build this initiative so that anyone can find a way to meaningfully plug in. Click the links below to learn about available volunteer and staff positions!

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Board of Directors

Hassan Ahmad

Rachel Murphy Azzara

Khary Penebaker

Travis Akers

Reginald Oh

Jill Schiller

Key Team Members

Nick Knudsen

Executive Director

Nick is a Portland, Oregon-based writer, activist and troublemaker (#GoodTrouble). He worked as a grassroots digital organizer during the 2018 midterm cycle and is creator and editor of the activist site DemWritePress. With a Masters in Policy and 15-year background in non-profit management, program administration, coalition-building & resource development, Nick is proud and ready to lead the DemCast movement. He believes strongly in the importance of civic engagement & collective impact. @DemWrite on Twitter.

Lori Coleman

Director of Digital Strategy

After the candidacy of Donald Trump, Lori became an outspoken activist against racism, inequality, and corruption in government. Lori has a proven record of teaching activists to mobilize their collective advocacy to support the fundamentals of Democracy. Lori has over 30 years of experience as a healthcare provider and advocate, with an emphasis in adult education and management of diverse teams in multi-site locations. She resides in Tennessee with her husband and 2 children.

Kelly Therese Pollock

Director of Content

Born on the 4th of July, Kelly has always been a firecracker, leading a revolution of girls sitting at the boys’ lunch table in 2nd grade and founding Young Independents in high school. Since earning her Masters, Kelly has spent the past 15 years as a university administrator. In the fall of 2017, Kelly co-created the Two Broads Talking Politics Podcast with her friend Sophy. As producer and co-host, Kelly quickly built the podcast into a nationally recognized interview show, featuring Democratic candidates, activists, and authors around the country. She lives in Chicago with her husband & two sons. @FeministKelly on Twitter.


Graphics Manager

Julie is a Detroit area native and lifelong artist, passionate about art, history, poetry, social and political issues. She expresses her activism best via visuals and has found that making graphics for political statements is a good way to channel her frustrations and express her hopes. Several years ago, she met Nick and a great collaborative effort took shape when she was able to add imagery to his words and co-create DemWritePress. Formerly a hospice nurse, she now juggles her day job, online store and family, with an intense dedication to restoring some peace and sanity to America. @frontera_julie on Twitter.  

Our Dedication to fiscal transparency

We want our DemCast donors to understand where their money is going and why. The Board and Leadership Team commit to running a lean, effective organization. DemCast chose to incorporate as a 501(c)4 due to our mission of advocacy, training, and our commitment to ensuring our democracy is protected. DemCast is not a Political Action Committee (PAC), nor is it a Super PAC. We are an advocacy-focused non-profit organization.

Some of DemCast is technology-based (e.g. – the website & hosting costs), while much of it is people-powered. Our costs derive from site development/maintenance and centralized volunteer & content coordination, both managed by a core group of dedicated paid staff. Other auxiliary costs may include the purchase of items to help disseminate our message and support our staff, such as audio equipment and mixing software for grassroots podcasters. We are committed to ensuring all expenses remain reasonable, prudent, and in direct support of our organizational mission.

We commit to transparency, responsibility, and strong fiscal stewardship. All donors who opt in for email updates will receive regular communication with details of spending by the organization. Periodic updates will also be available on the completed site. 

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