3 thoughts on “The Path to Victory in 2020 Cuts Through Virginia in 2019

  1. Redistricting and adding 20 new districts of those that have moved into Virginia. They are not even Virginians, and never will be. No wonder you people want the civil war memory erased, but here is the good news, you won’t be forgetting the next one you’re starting-it will be fresh in your leftist social “justice” mind. Cause it is coming to Virginia.
    I’ve learned from Covington and now Virginia, never let a democrat move in next door-they are evil and when the civil war does kick off-there can be zero mercy on them.

  2. Oh and why do you only care for the naacp? You don’t give a fuck about the rest of us. We can no longer live with you. Coexisting with a demorat is impossible. The quicker you leftist fanatics kick off your gun confiscation, the quicker we The People can destroy you fanatics and send you back to your blue state shitholes, because we know what your true goal is…,and we will never Allow this country to become a 3rd world communist Shithole.

    You would be warned to actually read the Latin upon the Virginia flag. You hate us…we we have learned after Covington to start hating you back.

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