7 thoughts on “Virginia Democrats Stepping Up to Run in Rural “Red” Districts

    1. Thank you, Mr. Boyd! Talking with these five candidates was inspiring — Virginians are lucky to have them and their fellow Coalition members running to represent them in state government.

  1. Will the VADems be supporting these and other rural races? HD56 (Juanita Jo Matkins) is a tough, but winnable district in an off-off year election. Even if they don’t believe that, every voter we turn out will help a very winnable state Senate district.

    1. Local VA Dems need to keep the heat on the state party. It’s more likely they’ll start providing support after the primaries, so that’s when the pressure should begin, I think.

  2. Marcy -Thanks for the story !
    Fixed income – but
    (1) sent a few bucks to Ann Ridgeway – who has a link to you on her twitter feed 🙂 and
    (2) sent an Email To Self – with link to this article – as reminder to send a few bucks next month to other gals running in VA this Nov.
    I may not be local, but do know that every dollar helps.
    Thanks again for your efforts in getting the word out.

    1. That’s great, Deborah! Just do what you can – we all contribute in whatever way we’re able. If funds are tight, amplify the messages of these great VA candidates among your own FB and Twitter pals. That helps too!

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