Identitarianism in America

There’s a new term that you need to be familiar with: Identitarian and Identitarianism.  It’s the new hood for white supremacists and the new tiki torch for white nationalists.  Same coin different sides, and once again, the same old tired playbook: Fly under the radar and be anonymous and secretive in their organizing and radicalization of members.  Technology has helped to spread these groups. In fact, identitarians originally started as a tech-savvy group in Europe, and identify themselves as Identify Europa and Generation Identity.  Hate has no geographical boundaries  It literally takes a Chromebook and free Wi-Fi at Starbucks (at least if you aren’t a black real estate agent), to become a member of hundreds of Identitarian or white nationalist movements.

Now, I’m going to drop the F-bomb a few times in this article.  Yes, that’s right Fascism.  It’s alive and well my friends, it lives next door, it checks you out at the supermarket, it governs your state, and it runs our country.  It never went away, we just did better at keeping them in check.  We made it socially and politically unacceptable…once.  Those days are long gone under this administration.

We can see that with the recent GOP ad attacking Beto O’Rourke on St. Patrick’s Day, slamming his Irish heritage with a racist and vile comment.  Let’s not forget, the GOP has a DUI problem too.  Matt Gaetz, who unfathomably still has a license, has been arrested SEVEN times for drunk driving.

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Kelly Anne Conway was on Fox News urging their viewers to read the New Zealand terrorist’s manifesto. The utterly disgusting and clearly unchecked Steve King this week posting a civil war plot with “8 trillion bullets” on the red state side against the blue states. It’s irresponsible for a member of Congress to be allowed to do this, and not one person has anything to say about it, but we are having hearings on Rep. Omar quoting Biggie Lyrics?  Mmmmmkay!

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Why won’t MSM do the right thing, and call these people out, even if Congress is too afraid of the optics?  Well, I can tell you why.  Because of people like Chuck Todd, blaming Obama for the division in this country instead of placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of who is.  The “manifesto” didn’t name Obama as his inspiration, he named Trump.  Yet, here we are.

Karen Bethany 🇺🇸🌏@Karen_Bethany_

Chuck Todd blaming Obama for America’s division is like blaming Jews for not working harder to get along with Nazis.

We literally have GOP on tape pledging to obstruct any moves made by Obama no matter what.

Yet, I digress.  Identitarianism in the United States is on the rise.  Richard Spencer has long shown his support for the movement in Europe, giving way to the birth of a new alt-right faction here in the states.
The same Spartan flag symbol seen here has been seen increasingly at rallies, including the deadly Charlottesville Rally that claimed the life of Heather Heyer.   It’s quite significant to point out that despite widespread support by far and alt-right groups here in America, Generation Identify website strongly refutes any affiliation with fascists and fascism, and also denounces white nationalists.  However;  their creed is what is drawing people to the tech-savvy movement.
Ending political dogma, stopping immigration en masse, and protecting and defending the European identity.  Do you see a commonality here? You should.
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Generation Identity – Spartan Flag Symbol

The Italian faction of Generation Identity,  led by Lorenzo Fiato, clearly denounces being pro-white, and anti-any other race. “Today fascism is commonly used as a political slur, but in Italy, its meaning and heritage are more complicated. Benito Mussolini created a fascist ideology, but a century later it can be hard to pin down exactly what that legacy means to his followers.

They focus on “ethnocultural identity,” in which both ethnicity and culture play a defining role. “It’s not about race; it’s about the community and culture that you inherit through your surroundings as well as your ancestors,” said Fiato. He clarified that the movement wouldn’t accept Africans because its purpose is to defend the identity of people it sees as disenfranchised: Europeans without a migratory background. Fiato added that he didn’t have a problem including European Jews in the movement, so long as they are non-religious. And because the ethnicity of Italian identitarians tends to be defined as ‘European Mediterranean,’ they wouldn’t necessarily define themselves as strictly or exclusively “white” given the darker ethnic composition of the country.

“It’s not about the color of your skin; it’s about lineage,” Fiato said. However, when the candidate for Lombardy Attilio Fontana made a controversial claim about defending the “white race,” many on the right jumped to his defense, showing this form of identity is growing among Italians who contrast themselves with African migrants.

European-Americans have largely stressed the role of race in defining culture. While Generation Identity argues ethnic identity is paramount, it also views it as a more dynamic aspect of one’s identity. For them, defining identity on purely racially aesthetic grounds can be myopic, as Europe is shaped and defined by a diverse ethnic history.  Now that is quite different from the white nationalists you and I know.  The same people and races have resided in Europe since the beginning of civilization,  Mediterranean, Slavs, Germanics, and Nordics.

They have never had the melting pot that we do here in the United States, and even despite the colonialism of Africa by modern Europe, slaves never got transported through that territory, and therefore no race relations existed, nor have existed between blacks and whites in that region as a result.

Generation Identity Italy also doesn’t believe in the “Anti-Jewish” philosophy as evidenced in their acceptance of Jews in the movement, as long as they are non-religious.   Here in America, Jews are viewed as the ultimate evil, hellbent on destroying long-established, white superiority.   American white supremacists, also strongly and vehemently believe that the Jewish community are hidden Hebrews or “Zionists”, practicing “Cultural Marxism”, which is an insane conspiracy theory that the Frankfurt school is part of an ongoing academic and intellectual effort to undermine and destroy Western culture.  As a caveat, not all white nationalists believe in “Cultural Marxism”, but they do believe in widespread degeneration of the white race by Jews.  Wow!

“I don’t believe the Jewish conspiracy theory — I find it a very short-sighted,” said Fiato. He pointed out how Europeans are themselves celebrating their own replacement.  They don’t want to be associated with neo-Nazis and therefore Generation Identity has distanced themselves publicly from any beliefs that they are anti-Jewish in any way.

On the American3rdPosition website which is the US version of Generation Identity, they explain why and how they are different than their European counterparts.

How closely does Generation Identity US intend to follow the image of Generation Identity’s European roots?

As European Americans, our roots are in Europe. We will always seek to keep faith with our European contemporaries by emulating their course as closely as we can.

One large difference between USA and Europe is that most European countries are ethnostates, whereas USA has no such foundation. Do you feel that this conflicts with Generation Identity ideals, and how do you intend to work around this?

The original thirteen British colonies and later United States, were in fact, ethnostates. American history shows us what ethnostates look like. We can imagine that ethnostates, for European Americans, African Americans and Mexican Americans could exist one day. There could be multi-ethnic states in between them. These could even exist within the current states. We do not claim to know what the distant future looks like. What we do claim to know is that an America without the descendants of the founding stock will be a much poorer place. We intend to keep that from happening.

The co-founders of Generation Identity US are military veterans (Marine Corps and Army respectively) and have been involved in identitarian movements for over a decade. The catalyst that started us thinking about establishing Generation Identity US was when we learned of the steady demographic decline of European Americans caused by a below replacement fertility rate and the fact that our recently born children represented less than 50% of all children born in the US at that time. We realized that we are facing cultural, and eventually, racial extinction. Government at all levels has been aware of this for generations and has only made conditions worse through policies that attack the ability of European Americans to reverse these demographic trends. The only way to save ourselves is to educate the current and future generations of European American youth on the value of their people and the legacy of greatness that has been passed down to them by countless generations in Europe and many generations in America.

Now let’s compare that to what they say on the European site for Generation Identity:

Generation Identity (in some countries, ‘Identitarian Movement’) is a Europe-wide patriotic youth movement that promotes the values of homeland, freedom and tradition through peaceful activism, political education, and community & cultural activities. We want to create an awareness for a metapolitical patriotic value base.

The crucial questions of the 21st century will be asked in the field of identity politics. Accordingly, we, as patriotic Europeans, have to acknowledge that the current demographic situation is unfavourable for the indigenous population and that we expect many ethnic, cultural and religious conflicts unless there is a political rethink.

We aim to preserve the cultural heritage that has characterized our countries and the continent of Europe over many thousands of years. We do not want to break this chain. That is why we see it as our mission to argue for a peaceful and secure future within Europe.

We continue along the path forged by the ethno-cultural tradition of our ancestors.

We are a non-violent youth movement that highlights the need for open and honest public debate about immigration policies, identity and the future of our nations and of Europe.

Our three core aims are:

  • Stop the Islamisation of Europe
  • Oppose globalisation
  • Stop and reverse the Great Replacement

“Everything that takes place online is very useful, but while online provocation is important, it shouldn’t be an end in itself — trolling is useless,” Fiato stated. The heads of these movements strengthen and display their intentions in fundamentally different ways: the Alt-Right is based in the pragmatic realm, with independent video accounts like YouTube and Venmo, and editorial websites; Generation Identity is based in the real world by promoting banners, organizing summer training camps, and actively defending Europe’s borders. Generation Identity also tends to have more open confrontations with their ideological adversaries; they are questioned on national television and prominent media outlets, while white nationalists mainly operate within their own circles, as they have been largely repudiated by, or have themselves rejected mainstream media and news outlets.

European identitarians are an orderly, well-defined group, in contrast, American identitarians are scattered all over the place in less concentrated areas, and with so many variations to their ideology, they are often hard to distinguish in a singular form. The different organizational formations between these two movements present especially when they organize public rallies. The American Alt-Right uses a variety of symbols from memes like Kek and Pepe the frog, confederate flags strong fascist-resonating logos like the Celtic cross, reflecting the more obscure characteristics of the movement. In contradiction, European identitarians use the Spartan symbol to show they are a unified movement with a clear message.

“Overall, I think our movements might be more related as cousins, rather than brothers,” Fiato concluded.  To me, it speaks volumes how different they are, yet as in typical American fashion.  We have hijacked someone else’s movement and made it fit our own sick and twisted purpose and intent.  The President called white nationalists “a small group of people,” but government statistics say white supremacist violence is on the rise

The Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based organization that monitors hate crimes across the country, released its annual report on extremism in America. The report says the number of groups across the country increased in 2016 to 917, up from 892 in 2015. In 2011, SPLC recorded 1,018 active organizations, the highest tally it found in more than 30 years of tracking hate groups. That number had fallen to 784 in 2014.

The largest jump last year occurred in the number of anti-Muslim hate groups, which tripled from 34 in 2015 to 101. The report singled out Donald Trump’s pledge to bar Muslims from entering the country, his harsh language around immigration from Mexico, his appearance on conspiracy-theorist Alex Jones’s radio program, and his engagement with white nationalists on Twitter as key moments that encouraged extremist groups during the campaign.

2018 white nationalist hate groups – Southern Poverty Law Center

“Groups listed in a variety of other categories — Ku Klux Klanneo-Confederateneo-Naziracist skinhead and Christian Identity — can also be fairly described as “white nationalist.” Although, as organizational loyalty has dwindled and the internet has become white nationalism’s organizing principle, the ideology is best understood as a loose coalition of social networks orbiting online propaganda hubs and forums.”

View all groups by state and by ideology.
*Asterisk denotes headquarters​

Affirmative Right (Atlanta, Georgia)
AltRight Corporation (Alexandria, Virginia)
American Freedom Party (Bradenton, Florida)
American Freedom Party (Granbury, Texas)
American Freedom Party (Lakewood Ranch, Florida)
American Freedom Party (Los Angeles, California)
American Freedom Party (New York, New York)
American Freedom Party (Statewide, Indiana)
American Freedom Party (Statewide, Montana)
American Freedom Party (Statewide, New York)
American Freedom Party (Statewide, North Dakota)
American Freedom Party (Statewide, Wisconsin)
American Freedom Union (Hampton Township, Pennsylvania)
Arktos Media (New York, New York)
Auburn White Student Union (Auburn, Alabama)
Council of Conservative Citizens (Blackwell, Missouri)
Counter-Currents Publishing (San Francisco, California)
Exodus/Americanus (Floyds Knobs, Indiana)
Faith and Heritage (Killeen, Texas)
Forza Nuova (Trenton, New Jersey)
Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas (Clinton Township, Michigan)
Free American (Big Spring, Texas)
FreeStartr (Carson City, Nevada)
H.L. Mencken Club (Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania)
Identity Evropa (Atlanta, Georgia)
Identity Evropa (Billings, Montana)
Identity Evropa (Boulder, Colorado)
Identity Evropa (Chicago, Illinois)
Identity Evropa (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
Identity Evropa (Denver, Colorado)
Identity Evropa (Gainesville, Florida)
Identity Evropa (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Identity Evropa (Lakeland, Florida)
Identity Evropa (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Identity Evropa (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Identity Evropa (Redding, California)
Identity Evropa (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Identity Evropa (San Diego, California)
Identity Evropa (San Francisco, California)
Identity Evropa (Savannah, Georgia)
Identity Evropa (Seattle, Washington)
Identity Evropa (Spokane, Washington)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Arizona)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Arkansas)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Connecticut)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Kansas)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Kentucky)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Maryland)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Michigan)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Minnesota)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, New Jersey)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, New York)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, North Carolina)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Ohio)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Oklahoma)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Pennsylvania)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Tennessee)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Texas)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Virginia)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Wisconsin)
Identity Evropa (Statewide, Wyoming)
Identity Evropa (Washington, District of Columbia)
National Policy Institute (Whitefish, Montana)
National Right (Jackman, Maine)
New Albion (Jackman, Maine)
Northwest Front (Bremerton, Washington)
Occidental Dissent (Eufaula, Alabama)
Occidental Observer (Laguna Hills, California)
Patriot Front (Statewide, California)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Colorado)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Florida)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Georgia)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Illinois)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Kentucky)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Maryland)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Massachusetts)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Michigan)
Patriot Front (Statewide, New York)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Texas)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Utah)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Vermont)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Virginia)
Patriot Front (Statewide, Washington)
Patriot Front (Washington, District of Columbia)
Patriotic Flags (Summerville, South Carolina)
Pioneer Little Europe Kalispell Montana (Kalispell, Montana)
Racial Nationalist Party of America (Lockport, New York)
Radix Journal (Whitefish, Montana)
Real Republic of Florida (Tallahassee, Florida)
Red Ice (Harrisonburg, Virginia)
Right Brand Clothing (Anaheim, California)
Rise Above Movement (Huntington Beach, California)
Scott-Townsend Publishers (Washington, District of Columbia)
Shieldwall Network (Mountain View, Arkansas)
Shieldwall Network (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)
Shieldwall Network (New Boston, Texas)
Social Contract Press (Petoskey, Michigan)
Stormfront (West Palm Beach, Florida)
The Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation (Vienna, Virginia)
The Political Cesspool (Bartlett, Tennessee)
The Right Stuff (Austin, Texas)
The Right Stuff (Baltimore, Maryland)
The Right Stuff (Boston, Massachusetts)
The Right Stuff (Chicago, Illinois)
The Right Stuff (Cleveland, Ohio)
The Right Stuff (Columbus, Ohio)
The Right Stuff (Dallas, Texas)
The Right Stuff (Hopewell Junction, New York)
The Right Stuff (Houston, Texas)
The Right Stuff (Kansas City, Missouri)
The Right Stuff (Las Vegas, Nevada)
The Right Stuff (Los Angeles, California)
The Right Stuff (Memphis, Tennessee)
The Right Stuff (New York, New York)
The Right Stuff (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
The Right Stuff (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
The Right Stuff (San Antonio, Texas)
The Right Stuff (San Francisco, California)
The Right Stuff (St. Louis, Missouri)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Alabama)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Arizona)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Colorado)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Florida)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Hawaii)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Indiana)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Louisiana)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Michigan)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Minnesota)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, North Carolina)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, South Carolina)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Utah)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Virginia)
The Right Stuff (Statewide, Wisconsin)
The Right Stuff (Washington, District of Columbia)
True Cascadia (Portland, Oregon)
Tyr 1 Security (Alexandria, Virginia)
Unity and Security for America (Charlottesville, Virginia)
Vandal Brothers, LLC (Bath, Ohio)
VDARE Foundation (Warrenton, Virginia)
Washington Summit Publishers (Alexandria, Virginia)
WeSearchr (Statewide, California)
Western Outlands Supply Company (Mesa, Arizona)
White Boy Society (Statewide, Illinois)
White Boy Society (Statewide, Wisconsin)
White Rabbit Radio (Dearborn Heights, Michigan)
Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza has issued numerous calls to arms to oppose white supremacy wherever it manifests, since the rally in Charlottesville.
“Now it’s time to come together and embark on the hard work of remaking America.”
When the marches are over, it is our duty as Americans to continue to oppose white supremacy wherever it manifests—in our city halls, in our workplaces, in our schools, in our places of worship, and certainly in our White House. I want to raise my grandchild in a country that will never go back to that dark time in our history.
If we are to be successful, this moment calls us to get on the front lines, get involved in politics and VOTE in 2020.  What is at stake is an America waiting to be reborn.

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Her hope is that through her words, she can get more people in her community and across America to become consistently involved in our democracy and become educated and re-informed about how politics does, in fact, affect our every day lives.

Everyone of every race, religion, gender, and creed are encouraged to read this blog each Wednesday and increase your awareness of the African American experience. This is for everyone….so we never have to worry about history repeating itself! Let’s say enough is enough and let’s stay engaged, and keep those around us engaged as well!

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