#RepCummings4TheWin: Cohen’s Testimony Before the Blue House:

As we all know.  This week sets a rapid-fire succession of 3 back to back congressional hearings (one public, and 2 private), for Michael Cohen.

So ladies and gents of the Twitter-verse, I dare to enlighten all of you, as we revel in what we learned in one of the most historic congressional hearings, we have ever seen in our lifetimes. I doubt the public hearings were anything like this one.

Apparently, there was truth to what Michael Avennati and Stormy Daniels have been claiming all along.  It just so happened that Michael Cohen brought the receipts…in fact, he brought 6b receipts.  #Winning

In his leaked opening statement, it was clear that Michael Cohen was going to unleash some dirt, and of course, Trump and his goons were at it again.  According to Axios, who first captured this Tweet, Matt Gaetz.  The DUI, gun-grazed GOP Rep from Florida has already started to threaten him.  Take a look.

Matt Gaetz


Hey @MichaelCohen212 – Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot..

4:12 PM – Feb 26, 2019

I mean.  These Republicans have gotten away with overseeing their own damage to this country, for self-benefit, and now that there’s real oversight, it is going to be a lot of people who feel threatened, and their finances threatened because let’s be honest.  Who wants to give up all that free money, while the rest of us are out here dying and can barely pay our bills.

We’re making life decisions about rent or medicine.  It’s absurd.  Roger Stone may have even violated his gag order by emailing a news outlet directly and by-passing his customary Proud-Boy/Volunteer,  account facade.

It’s just so obvi why Trump is over there with Kim Jong Un right now, with Minister Sergey Lavrov, who just happened to arrive in Vietnam at the same time as Trump this week.  Not a coinky-dink by the way.  Because he actually said on Monday of this week, which got buried in all the noise, that Trump asked for Russia’s advice about what to do during this meeting…ANYWHO.  This is about Cohen.  You can read more about that when you are done here:  CBS News: Russia says US sought “advice” ahead of Trump-Kim summit on North Korea’s nukes.

So…Of course our Liar In Chief, Aka.  “Shaggy”, as usual, says, “it wasn’t me”.   Bill Clinton didn’t inhale or have sexual relations with that girl but we still impeached his ass right?  Anywho.  Both Cohen and the Department of Justice are on record in court, testifying that Trump directed these payoffs to 2 women in the last months of the 2016 campaign.

Prosecutors are now investigating the reasons behind Cohen’s lies to Congress about the Trump Moscow deal, in light of his Congressional appearance before the Senate Committee Tuesday, which was private, closed door, session.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee will stop at nothing short of revealing Trump’s financial dealings, his debts, his illegal workers, his pay-offs of silence to sway public opinion during the election, his business practices and even the phony Trump Organization that Cohen was the Vice President and Attorney for.

Senator Susan Collins, the disappointment she always has been and continues to be, led on post-Senate hearing, that the Senate gave Cohen “an extensive grilling”.  She refused to say what questions were asked.  Susan, we know how “tough” you are in plain sight.  Just admit you folded like lawn chair behind closed doors and let’s move on, shall we?  #BuhBye

Here’s another bone in my craw.  Don’t know what that means, but it’s PG and that’s what I’m aiming for here.  So Republicans of all the pot, kettle and blackness, I have ever heard, have the audacity to try and make their united front about attacking Cohen’s credibility because he’s lied to Congress before.  Guess who, as usual, while still not being held accountable for his own scandals, is leading the charge? He and his cronies gross display of blind loyalty were disgusting!

Yep…Jim “Gymnastic Policy” Jordan, of my precious and downtrodden hometown of Ohio.  Not only that, Cohen was the RNC’s deputy Finance chair as my Shero Stacey Plaskett, so brilliantly set up with her line of questioning. Which means, why the outrage Republicans. If he was, up until June of 2018, your…AHEM, FINANCE Chair?

Not only that…the way that “Gym” tried to come for Rep. Cummings, saying that he would be remembered for this first hearing…and him kindly getting body slammed…ALL puns intended,  with the fact that that it wasn’t the first hearing.

And Scene…

Why are hastily issuing a subpoena? Maybe they want to be the first committee to issue a subpoena against this administration. Why not have a hearing first

Jordan Criticizes Oversight Democrats’ Subpoena

It’s the ones who are benefiting that don’t want the free ride to end.  It’s like the entourage that hangs out with the NFL player simply because he has money, he’s a commodity…right?  They eat because he eats.  He’s taken out from an injury by the opposing team during the Superbowl, they stop eating…so it’s the same thing here.

Remember, Michael Cohen only became a “Rat” after the FBI did something which was absolutely unthinkable & unheard of until the Witch Hunt was illegally started. They BROKE INTO AN ATTORNEY’S OFFICE! Why didn’t they break into the DNC to get the Server, or Crooked’s office?

Rep Cummings, specifically called out this Tweet and what it meant to Micheal Cohen’s safety going to prison, as someone who grew up on the streets of Baltimore, MD.  This is not good for Trump.

And I’m not giving Rep. Meadows a pass just because he claims to be BFFs with Rep Cummings.  You don’t parade your family around, “I’m offended…I have nieces and nephews!…*Clutch Pearls*”  WUT?  I’m offended you needed to say that and that you had the AUDACITY to blatantly parade a mute nodding black woman, who’s got her bag secured, as proof that you guys are not racist.  Are you kidding me?  Kudos to Rep. Tlaib for making that point.  She was absolutely correct! As a woman of color, I was offended! IT was disgusting!

Shame on you HUD appointee, Lynn Patton.

A Shout out to rep. Ayanna Pressley with a calm and cool demeanor, and killer smile… literally. I saw a few points shaved off Michael Cohen’s life when she asked her question about Trump having a black friend around him, and then is it possible to still be a racist.  WHOOO! I was waiting on her to say, so it’s kind of like how Thomas Jefferson OWNED those slaves, but still slept with them right?

Moving along…

Of course, who can forget the media darling, @AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) For her line of questioning, setting Mr. Trump for potential Tax Fraud and evasion, among other things?  Let’s hope that leads to something because hers along with Plackett’s comments were some of the most motivating questions, that could lead to other Congressional hearings, subpoenas, and indictments, OH MY!

They did a great job. If I were on the Congressional Committee, here is what I would have used my time to ask.  I want to compile a list to make it easier for the people who represent us, so feel free to chime in and we can tag them on this post.  Agreed?  Agreed. #GetSome

L. Renee’s Questions For Michael Cohen From The American Public, Post-Congress:

  1. How many undocumented workers have you paid personally for Donald J. Trump, and/or how many illegal filings are you aware of, or took part in for workers at any of Trump’s properties?
  2. Do you know about the Russian passports given to mother’s who come here to give birth to their babies at Trump’s Florida property, and if not, who would know about the details surrounding those arrangements?
  3. Are you aware of Trump’s dealings with Epstein?  Do you know of any payments that involve minor children?
  4. Was Melania Trump’s visa paid for?  And if so, do you have proof of that?
  5. Does Mueller have every single recording you have with or of Trump? If not, I want those to be entered into evidence and sent to Mueller with this committee being first notification of findings.
  6.  You mentioned a $150,000 deal with the Ukraine government, please tell me who we need to talk to look at financial transactions for the past 2 years? And what I mean is, anyone who would have been involved in a cent of that money?
  7.  What involvement does Ivanka Trump have in Trump’s business dealings that were not legal?
  8. Has Trump ever talked to you about what is happening with the immigrants that are being detained? If so, and if you can, to what extent did he discuss that with you.  And what I mean is, did he say anything to you that would lead you to believe that he was profiting off of this, and/or border wall?
  9. Are you aware of Trump’s drug abuse? Have you seen him take drugs, know someone who we should talk to that has seen him take drugs or is there a pattern of some kind of substance abuse?
  10.  How many abortions have you paid for, on behalf of Mr. Trump, without naming the women’s names?

And the last question, as I yield the rest of my time to Stacey Plunkett, who can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, is. “Have you ever heard Trump say, out of his mouth that he is only the President of the United States to make a profit?”


Add your questions below and let’s make a list of questions to send to Congress and our list of witnesses who we think needs to be brought before the committee to testify.

As I wrap up this article, I want to say that I appreciate all of my followers and supporters of #DemWords weekly column,  and those that follow and support DemWritePress,  we are growing and shout out to Nick Knudsen, for this platform and keep your eyes out for ways to stay and/or get involved in digital and boots on the ground activism.  2020 is right around the corner and we need to be prepared.  The more soldiers we have in this battle, the more we have a chance of winning the war.

Stay woke, stay vigilant, and stay blessed.  One love.

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