On National Emergencies and Abuse of Power

Friday, we saw our president appear on national television and declare a state of emergency for an artificial border crisis. At the same time, he admitted himself that not only was it unnecessary, but that he knew it was an abuse of his power as he asked the supreme court to support his decision anyway.

Many members of congress, regardless of their party affiliation, saw this for the blatant unconstitutional act it was and decided not to back him. Phil Roe, in a move that added to a string of questionable decisions recently, has come out in support of the president’s illegal power play. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly by Tennessee’s voters, and we need to hold him accountable for his actions, particularly as a member of the party that purports itself to be in favor of the “rule of law.”

Therefore, Congressman Roe, I have an important issue to address. If law is to rule, then the onus falls to you to take the president to task for this action, and to publicly rebuke it. We cannot simultaneously advocate for law and order while condoning the highest office in the land making a mockery of the same. You’ve already supported multiple unconscionable actions by our president, including holding hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans hostage for an unnecessary wall, but declaring an unconstitutional state of emergency that will divert funds from actual emergencies and cost American lives should be a firm red line for anyone.

Many members of your party have already seen this for what it is, so I ask you now: can you not see for yourself how damaging this is to our union, or are you simply too afraid to stand up and fight for what’s right just because it may cost you a handful of votes? Whichever it is, you’ve let your constituency down, you’ve let your country down, and it’s time to step up or move aside and let someone else show you how it’s done. It’s this type of abdication of your responsibility to protect and uphold the Constitution which has directly led to my challenge for your seat, and I intend to be certain that voters remember your failure to serve them come election time.

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  1. Hopefully voters across the country remember which Congresspeople are willing to overlook such a blatant abuse of power when it’s “their guy” in office. What’s ironic is that most of these Republicans were throwing fits about executive power being used at all when Obama was in office, but now that it’s Trump it’s suddenly perfectly fine. Hypocrites all around.

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