Battling Against “The Trump Effect”

“The Trump Effect” is the blow to the American attention span propagated by daily scandalous activities from the Trump Administration, which the media fall for every time – causing them to forego headlines about the REAL stories … Trump’s ties to Russia, how Putin interfered in our 2016 elections, and all of Trump’s, his business’, and his children’s crimes and ethics violations.

The longer he is in office, Trump’s implicit message becomes stronger – that rules don’t apply to the wealthy or prominent (or white),  and that being outspoken, rude and utterly misinformed is a good thing.

We’ve moved our own goal posts, folks. I don’t know about you, but I remember a time when the biggest thing I was outraged about on any given day was there weren’t enough puppy-welcoming-a-vet-home videos on YouTube.

NOW? If I heard that Trump ate a kitten in the oval office, I’d probably say … was it a white or black kitten?  See what I mean?

We live in a time when Republicans, despite scandal after scandal and lie after lie, and despite his clearly questionable fitness for office, do everything in their power to protect him. In Congress, the GOP has undertaken an aggressive campaign to discredit and, many of them plainly hope, shut down the probe into the Russian attack on America. Though they mounted seven separate investigations of Benghazi, they are nearly united in their position that no further investigation into a hostile foreign power’s attempt to manipulate the American electoral system is necessary.

Over the last few years, the Christian right, another key part of the GOP coalition, has grown increasingly close to Putin, whom they see as an ally in a global clash of civilizations between Christianity and Islam.

We can speculate on exactly why Trump has been so eager to become Putin’s flunky; it’s obviously a complicated story with roots that go back decades. But what about the rest of the GOP?

It may be because they’ve convinced themselves that no tactic is too abhorrent, no affinity is too detestable or treasonous, and no dollar amount is too small when the NEW conservative’s main goal is lining their pockets and keeping Democrats from power.   Republicans across the country are hellbent on not just keeping Democrats from power, but following in Trump’s footsteps and gladly promoting his racist and misogynistic agenda, slowly eliminating the rights of women, people of color, LGBTQ, immigrants and basic voting rights, just to name a few.

Now more than ever this country needs Democratic leadership, oversight and guidance.  Why?

The Democratic party believes that healthcare is a right for every American and that the economy should work for the people.  I strongly believe that.  No government should only benefit those in power or those with the most $.  How does that help the American people who keep this country running so the wealthy can sit back and count their money?

The Democratic party believes in protecting the Social Security Act, and that this country is built, founded and enriched by its beautiful diversity, and that there is no reason that children should be sitting in cages and separated from their families.

The Democratic party believes in facts and not feelings.  And we believe that no President is above the law.

And we believe in preserving the guardrails of our democracy, designed by our Founders to keep despots and demagogues from ruling like kings.

The Democratic Party’s candidates like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Julián Castro, and Sherrod Brown reflect the diversity of our nation. They’re passionate about people, not corporate profits.

Will you get involved and stay involved from now until the election? Do your research on each candidate, but please, consider voting Democrat to take back our democracy and start to put an end to the “Trump Effect”, which we will be recovering from for many years.

Renee’ s Column, “Dem Words: Wednesday Words of Wisdom”, that breaks down everyday issues from the perspective of the black community.

Her hope is that through her words, she can get more people in her community and across America to become consistently involved in our democracy and become educated and re-informed about how politics does, in fact, affect our every day lives.

Everyone of every race, religion, gender, and creed are encouraged to read this blog each Wednesday and increase your self-awareness as an African American, but also for those of you are avid supporters and believers of all equality to support our movement, and become educated and informed of our struggles as well.

This is for everyone. So we never have to worry about history repeating itself…again! Let’s say enough is enough and let’s stay engaged, and keep those around us engaged as well!

It’s up to us.  Those of us on Twitter, ARE the leaders, the ones who are not on social media are the ones we need to reach.  This alternative perspective allows you to speak to multiple groups of people and help save our democracy. The midterms are just one step, we have 2020 to get through, and beyond!  If you want to have your voice heard, be sure to reach out to DemWritePress, and click on Write For Us!

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