15 thoughts on “It’s Time for an Economic Walkout

  1. Has anyone considered the effect of an economic walk-out on those micro-businesses who depend on weekend or impulse purchases to support individual sellers and/or their families? Not all businesses are a Walmart or Amazon. Little Etsy or Ebay shops /sellers are operating on tiny margins and many would find a weekend without sales to be a true hardship, longer or repeated “no-buy” events would put many sellers in the position of our unpaid Government workers unable to earn money for essentials. Can those sellers find support to allow them to economically survive such a disruptive protest?

    1. Then double your purchases on Monday. Geez. If they’re smart, they’ll join the walkout. Many will suffer more, if 800,000 don’t go back to work.

    2. I believe the intent is to stop adding to the profits of greedy and unethical corporations; this does not apply to small businesses (in fact, we should all support them as much as we can!). I shop on Etsy and Ebay all the time and also at small local businesses (and independent online sellers) as much as I can. I’ve never set foot in a Walmart. From what I’ve read Costco treats their employees well and still makes huge profits…I wish more corps would follow their lead.

  2. i think that Knudson’s prescriptive to shop locally would see to that issue, in theory, at least. this is at present entirely theoretical. until it isn’t. i’m more than willing. i’m eager.

    1. Ditto to what Ludmilla and Hollis said-buy locally before 2/1 and buy only essentials (RX’s, etc.)

  3. I’m a disabled retired senior w/two entertainment sources – my laptop & my TV ( almost solely streaming, not network TV). but I can do most of what you cite, whatever the sacrifice. My fear would be an organized counter effort from the right that called for extra spending, extra-driving with more fill-ups, buy more-spend more, simply to compensate for that which we are sacrificing.This would make our efforts useless and theirs gloat-worthy. Thoughts?

    1. i say, bring it on, Gary. we can do it once a month, till Ever After. can they keep spending? not the ones as poor as We the 99%, for sure. will the wealthy pitch in and take up their burden? doubtful.

    2. never know until you try. All but 30% of US wants this lockout to end. It’s a lockout, not a shutdown, it looks to me.

    3. Do you enjoy reading? You can read up to 5 free articles/month from a lot of online media sites and get onto others for free.

  4. This may be the only thing we can do, and I’ve been ready for ages, we just need momentum, one of the big national organizations to be the lead. Maybe Poor People’s Campaign? As for small businesses, we can use common sense. We should be targeting corporate America, and it might be a good time for more people to think more about patronizing local businesses anyway. FYI, one of the participants in our local (Salem, OR) Families Belong Together event emailed me a link to your article, while I was still stinging from this:

    1. David Leonhardt (author of that piece) is one of the NY Times token conservative op-ed contributors. Read the comments (most opposing him) and you’ll feel better.

  5. In reality this is going to probably happen anyway. The shutdown will eventually effect all business because as the federal workers don’t get paid than there will be a slowing of business at the local level. When it starts to effect the stock market again then you’ll really see a concerned tRump and the rePublicans. That will hurt them in their own wallet. It’ll be sad because many will be hurt a lot and will not be able to recover very quickly if at all for some.

  6. This tactic reduces us once again to consumers, instead of active people living in this country. We need to come together, in the visible protest. Only a small percentage of the people has ever been active in protest movement, let alone civil disobedience, but we’ve seen how just 3% or 4% can tip public opinion. THAT’s what’s needed. And the demand must be that this whole fascist regime must go – Trump and Pence first of all. There’s a national movement mobilizing to do just that – go to http://www.refusefascism.org, read the Call to Action, sign and get involved wherever you are and any way you can, while we still have time!

  7. If responding as a comment on a twitter feed to spread the word, we need # or @ attached to a picture so that when we make comments on a twitter feed a pic pops up–it grabs people’s attention. Can you figure something out to make the boycott sexy looking on twitter.

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