“Weekend At Bernie’s III”

Bernie Sanders is going to run in the 2020 Presidential Campaign.  Unfortunately, he has pissed off the largest Democratic demographic…35+ Black Women, and we aren’t having it! 

This is just ONE example of many..and it’s the one that I related to most at the time my disdain for Bernie became clear.  How delusional do you have to be to dismiss a woman, black, white, brown or yellow, raising children in unsafe areas, with chronic illnesses? How do you look these women in the eyes and tell them that your policies will help them fight against environmental inequalities, and you are the “Savior” when you can’t even tell her how your policies will actually help her?


I’m well aware that Bernie has a few black women supporters.  There are people who have written opinion pieces about their support, and truly believe he is the next best thing since sliced bread.  I’m not delusional.  But what other people seem to be missing here is. This isn’t the 2016 election.  SHIT GOT REAL these past few months.

Harvard professor Leah Wright Rigueur dropped the mic in a New York Times article in which she dropped facts that 43 percent of black voters under age 30 supported Sanders during the primaries. While that is certainly more than Trump had,  Sanders all but ignored the south where most black Americans resided. To me, this once again proved that Bernie had and STILL HAS little interest in truly getting down in the mud and wrestling with the pigs that Andrew Gillum’s grandmother warned us about.

Here’s a tip for ya’ Bern.  If you have no intention on fighting tooth and nail for black votes in the primary, why should we believe that you will all of a sudden put your revolutionary policies and “talk” into action to shed light on disparaging black issues, once you are elected? Here’s another tip.  We DON’T!

Donald Trump’s vile and fraudulent presidency is fueling the “resistance,” and black women are at the front of the pack. Yes, BLACK women… Sanders, along with the rest of America, would behoove themselves by acknowledging this—just as he strongly voiced his sympathy and humiliation for white working-class voters.

Since Hillary is not running again. (Can you blame her?), and the Democratic National Committee has fresh blood in terms of new leadership.  Bernie and his supporters don’t have any “Bernie would have won” sob stories to tell in 2020.

Bernie has not made any attempts to connect to black women over 35 on a personal level.  They, black women, as I have stated, are the Democratic Party’s lifeline.  Since Bernie has no chance in hell of winning us over, he doesn’t have a clear shot in hell.  He has failed to show us his value and put his policies where his mouth is.

Bernie needs to respect and honor the fact that black women can turn his approval rating among OTHER black women, and HELP him get elected, just as we did for Obama.  Since he can’t even really relate to us, we are more than happy to hand him another L, only bigger than the one in 2016, in 2020, just as we did when he didn’t take our voices seriously back then.  It’s a new dawn, a new day and we do not need a “Weekend At Bernie’s III”. We need a functional congress, a real President, and a party that represents America…TODAY!

Renee’ s Column, “Dem Words: Wednesday Words of Wisdom”, that breaks down everyday issues from the perspective of the black community.

Her hope is that through her words, she can get more people in her community and across America to become consistently involved in our democracy and become educated and re-informed about how politics does, in fact, affect our every day lives.

Everyone of every race, religion, gender, and creed are encouraged to read this blog each Wednesday and increase your self-awareness as an African American, but also for those of you are avid supporters and believers of all equality to support our movement, and become educated and informed of our struggles as well. 

This is for everyone. So we never have to worry about history repeating itself…again! Let’s say enough is enough and let’s stay engaged, and keep those around us engaged as well!

It’s up to us.  Those of us on Twitter, ARE the leaders, the ones who are not on social media are the ones we need to reach.  This alternative perspective allows you to speak to multiple groups of people and help save our democracy. The midterms are just one step, we have 2020 to get through, and beyond!

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