The Top 10 Reasons to Re-Elect Kate Brown as Oregon’s Governor

Electing Republican Knute Buehler would be a huge mistake. Kate Brown is the Governor that Oregon needs. Here’s why.

There are many reasons to vote for Kate – perhaps most importantly, she stands strong against the Trump administration. In an election that is a referendum on the current state of the GOP, this alone sets Kate apart. In addition, Oregon is set to gain a congressional district in the near future and we want her in charge to oversee this process!

Kate supports access to healthcare… Under Kate’s leadership, access to coverage has been expanded to 94% of adults and 100% of children in Oregon. She has stood up for Oregonians with pre-existing conditions and has protected Medicare from cuts, preserving healthcare for over 400,000 Oregonians.

… and reproductive care. Oregon became the first state in the nation to guarantee reproductive health care services for Oregonians without any out-of-pocket costs. Kate signed laws allowing pharmacists to write birth control prescriptions and requiring insurance coverage for up to a 12-months supply at a time, making Oregon one of the easiest states in the nation in which to access birth control. Kate is the only candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood, and she opposes Measure 106, the backdoor ban on abortion.

Kate respects ALL Oregonians. Last year, Kate signed the nation’s most comprehensive Pay Equity bill. As an elected official, Kate has passed bills to improve the privacy and process of changing the legal documents for transgender Oregonians, ban conversion therapy, help LGBTQ veterans upgrade their discharges from the military, and fully recognize domestic partnerships in Oregon. Kate ended profiling as a law enforcement tactic to create stronger, safer communities. She opposes Measure 105, the attempt by the far right to repeal Oregon’s anti-profiling law.

Kate cares about kids and education. As a family law attorney, Kate has spent her career fighting for Oregon’s kids. She passed the largest education budget in Oregon’s history to help reduce class sizes and put more tools in the classroom. This included funding all-day kindergarten statewide for the first time ever. During her time as governor, four-year high school graduation rates have increased by 4.7% overall. For students of color, special education, and immigrant students, the rate has increased by more than 7%. Kate made community college more affordable for low-income students through the Oregon Promise, a program that helps eligible students attend community college for as little as $50 per semester.

Kate supports responsible gun laws. Kate challenged national lawmakers to take action on gun safety by calling for a ban on assault rifles and issuing an executive order to aid Oregon police in tracking dangerous weapons. Under Kate’s leadership, Oregon became one of only eight states and D.C. to require background checks on private gun sales and signed legislation closing the “boyfriend loophole” – allowing police to confiscate guns from stalkers or domestic abusers not married to their victims. Gabrielle Giffords called her “a leader who has the courage stand up to the corporate gun lobby and who will never stop working to make Oregon communities safer.”

Kate is a strong advocate for the environment. Kate signed bills requiring engine upgrades for school buses, instituting mining protections for river habitats statewide, and established the Cleaner Air Oregon program. She signed the nation’s first “coal-to-clean” law, which will completely phase out dirty coal power by 2030 and double Oregon’s reliance on renewable energy by 2040. Kate took action to keep the Elliott State Forest in public ownership. In October 2018, she issued an executive order to permanently ban offshore drilling along the Oregon coast.

Kate is committed to keeping Oregon’s infrastructure and economy strong. During Kate’s time as governor, the Oregon economy has become one of the fastest growing in the country and unemployment levels hit an all-time low. Kate passed a $5.3 billion transportation package to create 16,000 jobs, fix up Oregon’s transportation infrastructure, connect people to school and jobs through public transit improvements, and address the statewide issue of traffic congestion. She has strengthened assistance for small businesses, the backbone of Oregon’s economy.

Kate is committed to housing security for every Oregonian. Kate has served approximately 31,000 homeless individuals through rapid rehousing, emergency and transitional shelter, and homelessness prevention. She has worked to create or preserve over 11,000 affordable homes across the state, benefitting tens of thousands of Oregonians, and has put 7,800 new affordable homes under development. Kate has committed to funding public-private partnerships in five rural areas so workers can afford to live in the communities in which they work. She has provided over $130 million in home loans to create 640 new Oregon homeowners, double the activity from 2016, and more than any year since the onset of the Great Recession. Kate has proposed $370 million of state investments, focusing on housing stability for families with children, veterans, the chronically homeless, and rural communities.

Kate stands up for Oregon’s workers. Kate passed a first-in-the-nation worker’s protection bill, allowing working Oregonians to have a predictable schedule that allows them to plan for medical appointments and childcare. Kate also shepherded in a historic raise in the state’s minimum wage, because no one working full time should have to live in poverty. She championed paid sick leave so workers can stay home when they are sick, or their child is sick, without losing their paycheck.

Under Kate’s leadership, Oregon leads the way in voting! Thanks to Kate, Oregon is #1 in the entire country in ease of voting, and the first of only three states to provide voting by mail! Kate set the national standard for easy, accessible voting by creating the nation’s first “Motor Voter” automatic voter registration program, adding over 222,000 voters to rolls in the first seven months.

There are many more reasons to vote for Kate Brown for Governor. Find out more here:

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