Where Have You Gone, Mark Meadows?

My opponent in NC-11 is a no-show in his district. Elect Phillip Price: I’ll show up for you.

It’s now less than a week until Election Day, 2018. Have you seen your congressman lately?

I haven’t, either.

Mark Meadows doesn’t show up in Western North Carolina all that often anymore, except for an occasional photo opportunity. No Town Halls to discuss the issues of the day and answer questions from his constituents. No appearances at candidate forums so he can present an argument that his policies are best for the people of the 11th Congressional District.

No debates.

He has snubbed as many as five requests for a debate coming from everyone from the League of Women Voters to the NAACP and Western Carolina University. That includes a personal letter from me requesting a debate — anytime, anywhere — that Meadows never bothered to respond to even though I am a constituent, just like you.

Meadows is a no-show even when it comes to many interview requests from local newspapers and television in the district.

Apparently, Mark Meadows answers to no one in Western North Carolina.

This is what happens when a district is so heavily gerrymandered to favor a political party in an election. The candidate figures he’s almost guaranteed to win. So why bother give his constituents the time of day?

These days, it seems Meadows answers only to those who give him money. He championed a $1.5 trillion tax cut for billionaires and corporations that GOP backers like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson demanded even though it has done little to lift the wages of average workers in Western North Carolina.

Meadows took over $130,000 in donations from the health industry. And lo and behold, he is doing everything to destroy the Affordable Care Act and allow insurance companies to eliminate coverage of preexisting conditions. Without that coverage, people will wind up going bankrupt trying to pay their medical bills. Do we really want to go back to that?

If you have some money for Meadows, he will meet you. Anywhere, apparently. Meadows is happy to fly to Colorado to meet with the Koch brothers, as he did earlier this year. Meadows went all the way to Oslo, Norway, in 2017 for one of the numerous privately funded trips he has taken as congressman. Donors have given him over $85,000 in travel over the years. How nice.

And yet Meadows won’t travel to North Carolina to meet with us.

With every snub of local constituents — with every move he makes — Mark Meadows announces to his constituents in Western North Carolina that we are not worth his time. If he’s a no-show in District 11, what makes you think he’s going to work for us in Washington, either?

After six years as a congressman, Mark Meadows is now a Washington insider. He is more interested in being a power broker than a public servant.

There is only one way to change that.

Hire a representative who actually wants to represent you. Vote for Phillip G. Price for the U.S. House in North Carolina’s 11th District.

One thought on “Where Have You Gone, Mark Meadows?

  1. hey, remember when NC democrackkks used to gerrymander districts at their whim and nobody cared? oh, and the LWV is a total JOKE!

    this essay is humorous. good job!

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