The Top 10 Reasons To Just Say No To Martha McSally

If you thought Jeff Flake was bad, just wait until you find out what Martha McSally is all about.

Many Arizonans are very happy Jeff Flake is leaving the U.S. Senate, and for good reason. But, and I cannot begin to stress this enough, things could get dramatically worse if Martha McSally is elected to replace him.

McSally embodies everything that’s wrong with today’s GOP, and unlike Jeff Flake, McSally absolutely loves Donald Trump and his agenda. But don’t take my word for it, it’s up to all of us to be intelligent with our votes, and to research our candidates thoroughly. So with no further delay, let’s bring on the facts!

Numero Uno: Lie McSally Lie

Martha McSally is a master at the Trump/GOP game plan: if she is losing on an unpopular issue, she will simply lie. She will spread falsehoods on her opponent, and she will flat out fib on her own voting record regarding those issues, even though her voting record is public. She’s counting on you not to take the time to fact check.

But hakuna matata my registered brothers and sisters. Our friends at have done all that research for you. They are a group of like minded McSally resisters, who have had the unfortunate experience of being her constituents in #AZ02. When McSally lied about protecting pre-existing conditions, they were there. When McSally had the nerve to say she was for protecting DACA, they were on it.

Please visit the site, they put out some amazing pieces!

Numero Dos: Health Care

Many of the GOP candidates are now attempting to say they are for protecting pre-existing conditions, and McSally is no different. But the truth is, not only did McSally vote to gut your health care, she was quoted as saying “Let’s get this fucking thing done.”

Health care is THE biggest issue heading into Midterms, and senior citizens are even less safe with McSally at the helm. McSally is from a very privileged upbringing, is covered by an amazing health plan, and doesn’t know what it’s like having to choose between paying your bills and paying for your prescriptions.

Numero Tres: Guess Who’s Bought By The NRA?

Most Republicans like to swear that Democrats want to take peoples’ guns away…that they want to get rid of the 2nd Amendment entirely. I’ve never met one of those Democrats. All I hear is Democrats asking for smarter laws and legislation that can keep guns out of the wrong hands (felons, mentally ill) and curb the selling of military-grade firearms.

But that doesn’t stop Martha McSally from spewing these false talking points, she’s got the NRA script memorized from front to back. She votes faster than the AR-15 fires when it comes to blocking bills that could save lives, and one can only wonder why.


Numero Cuatro: McSally Sides With Trump More Than His Wife does

Forget what you heard. Arizona is not a red state. Not when Democrats and Independents out-number Republicans. After all of Arizona’s political gumbo is marinated, what you get is a thick centrist sauce, with a bit of conservative red meat and some grassroots progressive seasoning. It’s a very complex dish.

McSally is so far right she can’t even *see* across the aisle. She’s already built the wall. The word “bipartisan” is not in this candidate’s vocabulary. She votes with Trump 97% of the time. She has not only kissed the ring, she’s chosen to go with the rhetocially and politically divisive strategy that Trump has used to split this country apart.

Numero Cinco: Where The Hell Is Martha?


Since Trump has been elected, most Republicans have simply refused to hold Town Halls or even listen to their constituents. They dodge, duck, dip and dive. Correct me if I am mistaken, but I thought that was literally half of their job. Sad truth is, you’ll only find them at donor functions.

McSally is the same way, if you want to see this candidate, you must pay. As I am writing this, McSally has not held a Town Hall in 818 days, 16 hours, and 45 minutes. That’s even longer than Donald Trump has been in office. That’s longer than a House of Representative’s term (2 years). That is unacceptable.

Numero Seis: McSally is No Friend to Women


Martha McSally voted against Planned Parenthood 5 times, and the access to health screenings in rural areas where community health centers literally begged her not to remove funding because they cannot handle the amount of reproductive and family planning care.

This is where Kyrsten Sinema and McSally really differ. Sinema believes a woman’s health decisions should be between her and her physician, not her and her politician.

By the way, Martha also supported the confirmation of Kavanaugh. Choosing party over survivors was no problem for McSally. She voted against the “Paycheck Fairness Act”, and has yet to support the “Violence Against Women Act”.

Numero Siete: DACA Denied


McSally loves to push the fear politics, referring to immigrants as cartels, bashing sanctuary cities, and she believes the wall is a splendid idea. As for DACA, McSally lied once again when she said she protected it.

There is no path to citizenship with Martha McSally. Dreamers can dream on. She will tell you they are all MS-13 members, coming across the border with drugs, to take our jobs. I personally never knew violent gang members were so keen on successful employment, and I never knew so many Americans wanted to do all the hard-labor, low-paying jobs that immigrants do everyday.

Numero Ocho: Screw You Too, LGBTQ

On a survey that McSally filled out for the Center for Arizona Policy, she indicated her support for a constitutional ban on same sex marriage. McSally voted to allow Federal Agencies to discriminate against the LGBTQ community.

When a mother of a transgender child asked McSally what she would do to protect transgender children in light of Trump’s rescission of Title IX, McSally said she approved of Trump’s decision, because the extension of protections to transgender children represented “Federal overreach”, and that the issue is “best managed at the state level.”

She then went on to imply that other children needed protection from transgender children.

Numero Nueve: You Most Likely Can’t Afford Martha McSally

Unless you are in the richest 1%, Martha McSally is not for you. She not only voted for the Trump Tax Scam, she brags about it. This is the same person who used to consider herself a deficit hawk, but now has zero problems with the deficit skyrocketing.

McSally is a rubber stamp for Trump and big corporate lobbyists. Billions in tax breaks for billionaires. Word around the Hill is the GOP will be promising a new tax plan, that will give tax breaks to the middle class. Isn’t that what they said about the first one? That trickling that you feel isn’t more money heading your way, it’s the GOP pissing on your leg and telling you that they’re making it rain.

Numero Diez: Take It From Those Who Know

First of all, thank you for reading. It’s important to know what a candidate’s true identity is. I’d like to give a shout out to  and  for helping me to fact check and write this piece. They are McSally’s current constituents, and have dedicated most of their free time to exposing the true McSally.

Last but not least, I’d like to quote the tireless health care advocate, Peter Morley (find him on twitter ). Peter is constantly going and speaking with our members of Congress, sharing the stories of citizens and the health care we depend on. According to Peter: “The only thing I will say, is I have met with almost a hundred and fifty offices at this point and I don’t think I was ever as objectified as much as I was in her office. Referring to people as data was very cold, and it was one of the first times I called someone out on something. Terrible office.”


Please make sure to vote and do everything you can to encourage others, that’s how we save Democracy.  Feel free to contact me on twitter



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  1. Excellent, well-written candidate review! Lots of subtle (and not so subtle) humor dancing along with those darn, stubborn facts she can’t get away from. Your public official lying that blatantly is the most disappointing thing to realize. Thanks for the great info and I’ll be sure to share.

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