I Will Not Be Erased: We Must Re-Elect Governor Kate Brown

The patriarchy is targeting Oregon’s progressive female Governor. Republican Knute Buehler would take Oregon backwards. She must win.

This weekend the Oregonian endorsed GOP gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler. Only an editorial board safe from its white patriarchal perch could write such an endorsement of Buehler. To cast aside concerns of full access to healthcare, including reproductive care, as well as standing up against the Trump agenda as unimportant concerns for Oregonians is to deny the existence of the real world.

As a woman physician of color, access to healthcare, including full reproductive care, and standing up to Trump are some of the major goals for the next governor of Oregon. To claim they are not important is to try to erase my place in this conversation.  I will not be erased.  I will fight for these rights, for people’s lives. I believe only Governor Brown can meet these goals.

Governor Brown understands healthcare is human right.  She championed Measure 101 protecting Medicaid from cuts and oversaw the passage of the “Cover All Kids” bill which has resulted in healthcare coverage for 100% of Oregon children.  As a physician, Buehler opposed Measure 101 which – if it had been successfully voted down – would have resulted in 400,000 Oregonians losing their healthcare. He also voted against 100% coverage for children’s healthcare.

Governor Brown is fiercely pro-choice.  Her career in public service started championing the vital importance of reproductive services at Planned Parenthood.  She led the way to Oregon being the first state in the nation to guarantee reproductive health care services for Oregonians without any out-of-pocket costs.  Beuhler voted against this expansion of reproductive services and has bragged on conservative media about his anti-abortion stances.

Governor Brown champions public health.  She has worked diligently to pass responsible gun laws, including universal background checks on all gun sales and red flag laws here in Oregon. Before Buehler was running for governor he voted against universal background checks, stated he would not enforce an assault weapons ban if passed, and had an “A” rating from the NRA.  Governor Brown also understands the importance vaccines play in protecting us all, while Buehler irresponsibly and dangerously undermined support of school entry vaccines.

Governor Brown is an ally to our neighbors.  She has worked to strengthen Oregon’s sanctuary laws and opposes Measure 105.  Buehler stands on the same side as anti-immigrant hate groups in support of Measure 105 which will overturn our sanctuary status and allow for racial profiling which could lead to separation of families.

Governor Brown will stand up to Trump.  When Trump officials wanted to drill for oil off the Oregon coast, Governor Brown refused and force them to backed down.  She refused to send Oregon National Guard Troops to the border to be used for Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.  She clearly stated she would do all she could to keep families from being separated here in Oregon. Beuhler’s similarity to Trump is evident: he voted to repeal our sanctuary law, bragged to conservative radio about his anti-abortion stances, voted against universal background checks, refused to stand with Dr. Ford, undermined vaccines, and has failed releasing his full tax returns.

As a woman, a woman of color, a woman of color who believes in science – I deserve a voice in this debate. And I’m using that voice to give support to Governor Brown. Governor Brown supports healthcare, including reproductive care and vaccines, supports survivors, supports commonsense gun legislation, is opposed to measure 105 and will stand up to Trump. It is for these reasons I am proud to vote for Governor Brown.  Join me.

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