The Top 10 Reasons to Just Say No to Knute Buehler for Oregon Governor

Knute is anti-vaccination. He’s anti-immigrant. He earned an ‘F’ from the League of Conservation Voters. He won’t share his complete tax returns. Just Say NO to Knute.

Republican Knute Buehler, a physician and two-term state representative, is running against Oregon’s current Governor, Kate Brown. Brown and Buehler offer a stark contrast for Oregon’s future. Buehler says he’s a moderate, but his votes and policies scream extreme conservative. While he tries to distance himself from Trump policies, he does share political affinities.

So…here are the top 10 reasons Oregonians should “Just Say No” to Knute Buehler.

  1. Knute Buehler is faux choice, not pro-choice. If there’s one area where Buehler is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it’s around reproductive freedom. He claims he’s moderate and pro-choice, but votes don’t lie. In 2017, he had the chance to support the Reproductive Health Equity Act, landmark legislation that codified the right to an abortion and ensures that all Oregonians, regardless of background, can access the full range of reproductive health care services. What did he do? He voted “No.” More recently, when asked whether or not he thought the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh would be detrimental to women’s health, he refused to give a straight answer.
  1. Where are his taxes? Buehler won’t reveal his complete tax records. As Donald Trump’s election made clear, we need to follow the money to make sure our leaders don’t create policy just for their benefit. When Buehler publicly released his tax records showing a joint income of $1 million, he didn’t release any information that would reveal the structure of the 15 corporations the Buehlers own or information about deductions and credits. In addition, the Buehlers invested $100,000 in a business energy tax incentive program that he later criticized as a legislator as a scheme with “zero credibility” without revealing his profitable investment.
  1. On the environment, he gets an F. The Oregon League of Conservation Voters gave Buehler a lifetime failing grade. How’d he earn that? He’s voted against clean fuels, electric vehicle rebates and bonds to prevent a state forest being sold to timber interests. In 2017, he blamed “preservationist dogma” and “radicalized environmental activists” for summer wildfires. He supports fracking and would greenlight the Jordan Cove Energy Project, an LNG export facility that requires a 229-mile long pipeline to cut through wilderness, tribal areas and private property. He opposes cap-and-trade, and his campaign has received over $800,000 dollars from sources that want to weaken environmental regulations.
  1. He’s stronger on executions than vaccinations. When Knute Buehler gives you a shot, you need to know what you’re getting. In a recent debate with Gov. Kate Brown, Buehler, a physician, stated he would end Oregon’s self-imposed moratorium on signing death penalty warrants and that he believes that parents should be able to opt out of vaccination requirements for non-medical reasons. Both those positions run counter to established medical ethics. His policies on health care make it clear that he believes access is a privilege, not a right. He’s opposed measures to extend coverage to low-income children, adults, seniors and people with disabilities and voted against an amendment to ensure access to affordable healthcare for all Oregonians.
  1. He’s doesn’t seem to want expanded voter access, but would be a force in 2021 redistricting. Oregon has been a leader in protecting voting rights. Oregon pioneered vote by mail, online registration, and automatic voter registration. In the Oregon legislature, Buehler voted against automatic voter registration, which is one of the easiest ways to increase the number of registered voters. In 2021, Oregon will likely gain a new Congressional district, and redistricting is decided by the governor and the legislature. Do you want a leader who doesn’t support expanding access to determine redistricting?
  1. Buehler supports an anti-immigrant ballot measure sponsored by a hate group. The Southern Poverty Law Center designated Oregonians For Immigration Reform (OFIR) a hate group. OFIR is behind Measure 105, an attempt on the November ballot to repeal Oregon’s 30-year old sanctuary law. Knute Buehler publicly supports Measure 105. Repealing the sanctuary law would harm public safety and increase racial profiling. This is not the first time Buehler has supported anti-immigrant measures. He’s also voted against financial aid for undocumented students and against prohibiting disclosure of immigration status.
  1. He doesn’t have much gun sense. In 2016, the NRA gave him a 93 percent rating. That’s an A! He publicly opposed initiative petitions to ban assault rifles and make gun owners liable for the misuse of their firearms. While he did vote to prohibit convicted stalkers from owning firearms, he’s voted against extending the waiting period for background checks for gun sales and against Emergency Risk Protection Orders to prevent suicidal individuals from possessing firearms, a law which already successfully removed gun access from people who pose a threat to public safety.
  1. Knute Buehler will not be an “education governor.” He’s voted against the last two education budgets, both of which allocated more funding to public education. While Republicans are usually fans of local control, he opposed giving school districts the right to bargain over class size. His policies are bad for teachers, too. First up on his agenda would be to slash $1.2 billion from retirements for teachers and other public employees, reducing their benefits by 40 percent. He’s also proposed capping teacher salaries, and instead of having schools provide school supplies, giving each teacher a $250 gift card. That’s it for a classroom of 30+ kids?
  1. He’s family-unfriendly. Would you like to be able to take a day off to take care of a sick family member and not worry about losing your job? Don’t count on Knute for that. He’s voted against paid sick leave and raising the minimum wage for workers across the state. He also opposed a bill that would allow paid family and medical leave and suggested that was something people should save for instead.
  1. Don’t count on Buehler to help you stay in your house. The cost of housing is on the rise everywhere, and Oregon is no exception. Stable housing promotes stable communities, so why not work towards that? Buehler has a long record that  shows he’s not interested in helping you keep a roof over your head. He’s voted against renter protections, ending no-cause evictions and inclusionary zoning for affordable housing. He opposed rental assistance for disabled, low-income and elderly Oregonians. Why would you not want Grandma to be able to stay in her home? There’s a measure to build 2,4000 units of affordable housing on the November ballot. Guess what! He opposes that, too.


So, Oregonians, you have a choice on Tuesday, November 6. You can vote for Kate Brown, who makes a strong stand for families, public safety, health care access and the environment, or you can elect Knute Buehler. Just say no to Knute.

5 thoughts on “The Top 10 Reasons to Just Say No to Knute Buehler for Oregon Governor

  1. I completely agree with the above. The man doesn’t know what he is talking about. When someone is talking to him he is looking at the person that isn’t talking to him.

  2. I have more to say about Knute. He always surrounds him with blonde well endowed women. You very seldom see a man in one of his ads.I am a people person. I watch people and and most people can be read like a book. There is more I could say but I am tired and it is time for bed!

  3. Already voted against Brown for the second time which she lost 29 of 36 counties in the first time but the Big Cities voted her In as a Native a American she has let our oregon reservations turn in to waste lands, because we dont matter because we are Not in a Metro area

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