I’m Phillip Price. I’m One of You, Running for All of Us.

I’m a small businessman, a musician, an Episcopalian, a sportsman and — truth be told — a bit of a hippie at heart. I am Western North Carolina, through and through.

I’ve raised a family, hiked our mountains and fished the lakes and streams here for 34 years. And that’s long enough to have had my fill of politicians who get our votes and then cater to billionaires instead of us.

So I’m doing something about it.

My name is Phillip Price and I’m running for Congress in North Carolina’s 11th District, hoping to earn your vote in the Nov. 6 election. I want to give Western North Carolina a voice in Congress instead of a rubber stamp for the agenda of the rich and powerful who seem to have bought complete ownership of Mark Meadows.

Learn more about our campaign for NC-11 at our website!

Why me? Because I’m just like you. My wife Michelle grew up in Cashiers, and together we have lived everywhere from McDowell to Macon counties, with stops in Buncombe, Transylvania, Haywood and Jackson along the way.  Over the years, my business has taken me to every county in the district.

I attended Western Carolina University for a time until my dad passed away. By then I was drawn to a life on the road as a musician, and I toured the East Coast and Midwest with my band, D.S.F. Earth Corps. When I wasn’t touring or recording music, I was standing up for what I thought was right. That’s why I once played on the steps of the Georgia Capitol at a pro-marijuana rally. I’m still pushing for legalization today. And my band is still playing gigs, too.

But no matter where music has taken me, I’ve always come back home to Western North Carolina. I settled down in Asheville and now live in Nebo, a rural town in the foothills of McDowell County. That’s where I run my business, Antique Reclaimed Lumber. My company deconstructs old barns and reclaims the wood for new uses from custom furniture to chestnut floors. Trust me, I have earned those calluses on my hands building a sustainable green business that has employed over 40 through the years.

It hasn’t always been easy. I used to go without healthcare, risking bankruptcy if I ever got injured or sick. But under the Affordable Care Act, I have been able to provide health insurance for my family. Every time Meadows bleats about repealing Obamacare, without ever offering anything comparable in exchange, he is putting a lot of us, including my family, in the crosshairs.

Healthcare shouldn’t be just for the well-to-do. I support a single-payer system or Medicare for all. It’s good for business and the Christian thing to do. I’ve been a member of Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Asheville for 17 years and I truly believe in caring for the sick and feeding the hungry instead of giving tax breaks to the rich and taking away healthcare.

Why vote for me? I think like you do, too. When you hike Whiteside Mountain or Devil’s Courthouse, you truly understand the beauty of this area of the country. You breathe it; you see it all around you. How could anyone allow loggers to strip the land of trees like Meadows wants to do to Blue Valley, even knowing that our environment is what makes tourism the No. 1 industry in Western North Carolina? How do you support destroying that environment and risking those jobs?

A vote for Meadows is a vote against your own backyard.

So vote for me, because I live just like you. I sent my three children to public schools in Western North Carolina and they’ve excelled. But now there’s a state and federal push to privatize education, turning it into a for-profit business. If that happens, profit will inevitably come before education. Just like it comes before healthcare now. I don’t want that for our kids.

No, I won’t cozy up to billionaire friends who can funnel dark money into campaigns without anybody knowing who is buying their vote. I stand against Citizens United – the Supreme Court ruling that allowed unlimited dollars to flow secretly to aid campaigns.

Those big dollars won’t be flowing to this campaign. It runs on small donations from your neighbors. From us.

That’s who I will represent when I get to Congress: All of us.


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