Mark Meadows and the Failure of Character

I’m Phillip Price, Democratic candidate for NC-11. It’s long past time we talk about the character of my opponent – Mark Meadows.

This is not about conservative or liberal policies. It’s about the judgment of the man who represents our 11th Congressional District but does not represent the values of Western North Carolina.

Consider the support Meadows has given to Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, who was sued for his role in a scandal involving the Ohio State wrestling team. As many as eight wrestlers accused Jordan of having knowledge of repeated sexual assaults by the Ohio State team doctor when Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach there, and doing nothing to stop abuse that may have involved as many as 2,500 victims.

And yet Meadows actually endorsed Jordan for Speaker of the House, even amid a report that Ohio State sexual abuse victims were being pressured by the congressman to recant their accusations.

“Jim Jordan is one of the most principled men I’ve met in Washington,’’ Meadows posted on Twitter, which might rank as one of the most dumbfounding and cringeworthy statements in his tenure in Congress.

This is nothing new for Meadows, mind you. Roy Moore, who ran for a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama in 2017, received an endorsement from Meadows even though Moore was credibly accused of sexually assaulting children. Donald Trump, accused of sexual assault by numerous women, earned support from Meadows in 2016.

As with Jordan, Meadows doesn’t appear to have spoken to any of the victims, parents, prosecutors or legal representatives or conducted an independent investigation of the allegations before offering his wholehearted endorsements. He has summarily dismissed every single one of them. Meadows somehow knows the truth? Really?

Keep this in mind, too: Meadows was still under investigation by the House Ethics Committee as late as January this year for keeping a top staffer on payroll for months after he was fired for sexual harassment in Meadows’s D.C. office. Yes, Meadows owned that #metoo moment even before there was a movement.

And now, with the country roiled by the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court amid accusations of sexual assault by two women and sexual misconduct by another woman who said she was a victim of gang rape, Meadows is silent.

That’s a long history of ignoring and dismissing the claims of victims – long enough to realize it’s not merely a trend. It’s a reflex. And it’s an abject failure of character in a man who puts political expediency ahead of all else.

Politics before the 11th District.

Politics before country.

Politics before sexual assault victims. Even children.

Mark Meadows is a political animal. That’s all he is. He’s a Washington insider who has sold out every Western North Carolina value on his path to power.

Is that the kind of character you want in your congressman?

If not, please support my campaign to defeat Meadows on Nov. 6.

4 thoughts on “Mark Meadows and the Failure of Character

  1. It’s clear that Meadows is an old-fashioned politician in the worst sense. He comes into the district every year or two and slaps you on the back, gives you a hearty handshake, or a gentle tap on the bicep and he’s your good buddy. Then he goes back to D.C, hoping you!’re not paying attention and gives you the shaft. His motto is windfalls for the rich and wind for the rest of us. Time for him to go!

  2. Meadows has great respect in the US House, and carries a lot of clout. He is in his district often. Many North Carolinians are very upset by the recent actions of the national democrackkks, and well remember the intense domination and criminality by the NC democrackkk* party prior to 2010 when NC finally escaped the evil chokehold of the democrackkks since Reconstruction. Philip Price is a good guy but he ain’t Congressional material, just sayin. Elect NO democrackkks, for they are anti American. From city council to Congress!

    *spelled with 3 Ks to honor the heritage of the democrat party as the original founders of the KuKluxKlan …

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