Blue Wave Status Report: Two Months Left to Flip It Blue

Exactly two months from today – on November 6th, 2018 – Americans will cast their ballots and decide whether we’re still serious about maintaining a democracy that adheres to the rule of law.

In this article, we present a comprehensive list of US Congressional candidates from the most competitive races. Be sure to click over to our site: to check it out, then please share the site and this article via social media to spread the word!

We’re in the homestretch. The next two months will help determine the fate of the democracy. The nation desperately needs a strong opposition party to provide a check on the President. That means Democrats need to win a lot of tough Congressional races, many in Trump territory.

buttons set 11The primaries will be over next week, and we have a nearly-full slate of Democratic nominees. We have heard consistently from you, our readers, through comments, emails, and via social media engagements that you want to support US House candidates in competitive races, but don’t know which ones are most important to donate to or volunteer for, aside from a few high-profile candidates who get a lot of media attention.

We made to help our fellow Americans support the most critical candidates.

Acknowledging that the assessment of political races is a science, we decided to leverage the work of other organizations that assess winnability of Congressional races. We looked at lists of competitive districts built by four organizations that take distinct approaches to their assessment work: Swing Left, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (both their Red-to-Blue and Majority-Makers lists), Democrats Work for America & the non-partisan Cook Political Report.

Then, simply, we put all of their lists together. There were some races that had unanimous consensus – where all four organizations agreed that the races were competitive. Conversely, some races were only assessed as competitive by a single organization. In all, there were 145 US House races identified as competitive by at least one group, which represents one-third of all US House contests this year.

The remaining House races are in districts that are “safe” for either the Democratic party or the Republican party. We acknowledge that there are Democrats running in “safe” Republican districts who can indeed prevail, and we fully endorse a 50-state, 435-district approach for getting out the vote and growing the base for this cycle and future cycles. The work that red-state and red-district Democrats are doing is inspiring. However, in attempting to help Democrats across the nation invest their time, effort & resources, we chose not to list all 435 Democratic nominees, but to narrow the list – while stretching it farther than any one assessment agency has.

Our 145-person Flip It Blue list includes high-profile and well-known candidates like Mike Levin, Harley Rouda and Amy McGrath. But once you scroll through the list, you’ll likely find some unfamiliar names: Bibiana Boerio, Tracy Mitrano, Cindy Axne or Phillip Price might not have crossed your radar (depending on where you live). If we can help 50 or more of these candidates flip their districts, we’ll have a tsunami instead of a wave. They won’t all win. But they all could. So we need to help them.

Using The List

Feature: Flip It Blue Donation Challenge!

We all want to give to the cause. Unfortunately, money tends to flow only to higher-profile races. We wanted to help Democrats across the nation spread the love.

The box at the top of the page randomly selects one Democrat from the list every time you reload the page:


This way, you can visit the page at whatever frequency you desire and explore a new candidate at random. We suggest giving $5 or more to whoever pops up. Because it is randomized, this will help to equalize where donations go, and give our less-well-known but equally-critical candidates some much needed support.

Feature: Critical Links

When you scroll down to the list, you’ll notice that each candidate who met our criteria for inclusion is listed by their District number, and is accompanied by a series of icons that link out to critical information:


nick w Takes you to the candidate’s website.

nick V Brings you to volunteer opportunities/sign-ups.

Nick donate Links directly to the candidate’s own donation page.

nick twitter-2 Takes you to the candidate’s Twitter account. Please follow.

nick fb 1 Takes you to the candidate’s Facebook page. Please “like” it.

nick vote1 Brings you to voter registration info for the candidate’s state.

nick BP Links to the district’s Ballotpedia page, which profiles the race.

nick left3 Links to the Swing Left District Resources page. Not all candidates listed are targeted by swing left – roughly half of them are.

NICKdwp2 Takes you to the candidate’s OpEds hosted here on DemWritePress (if they’ve contributed)

We urge you to go to the Flip It Blue site and explore. Choose a couple of candidates on any given day to share information about via social media. Click on the “V” volunteer link next to a few candidates and sign up for some phone banking. Do the Donation Challenge mentioned above and encourage others to. When you hear about a Republican doing something sordid, use the page as a reference and look up their Democratic opponent, then share out that info broadly.

In Conclusion

buttons set 10The Republican party has abdicated their responsibility to effectively lead a separate-but-equal branch of the Federal government. It is imperative to ensure that a true opposition party gains the majority in Congress, to provide a check on this administration.

We, the editorial staff at DemWritePress are not partisans. We do not enjoy making blanket statements about an entire political party, whether positive or negative. Politics is not generally black-and-white, but a gradient of grey, and we recognize this.

In the Trump era, however, things are different. This is black and white. The Republican party (in its current form) is a danger the Republic, and it is up to everyday Americans to restore order. The mechanism to do this, handed down to us by our nation’s founders, is the vote. This year, we have to elect as many Democrats as humanly possible. Then, we have to hold their feet to the fire to ensure that they investigate, subpoena, and hold accountable those who have undermined our democratic values and institutions.

We therefore urge Americans to do everything they can to “Flip it Blue”. To help, please get to know and do everything you can to support the American Rescue Squad, at

3 thoughts on “Blue Wave Status Report: Two Months Left to Flip It Blue

  1. GREAT EFFORT, BUT you are overlooking one crucial race. What the pollsters do not account for: Rural reaction to disloyalty. OR district 2 incumbent Greg WALDEN is being consistently rejected in his town halls by angry constituents for helping kill net neutrality, for his votes to repeal the ACA, pre-existing conditions, while his district is a top user of Medicaid $s. Poverty is rampant, voters(for Trump) are not buying in anymore— it is too personally painful. Tariffs are the last straw; wheat and cherry farmers are hit hard, small businesses reliant on exports are scrambling, breweries using aluminum cans are panicked. And WALDEN continues to vote on behalf of his big pharma and telecom donors. Polls don’t scratch the surface: all they weigh is $, past voting cycles. Well, check out Jamie McLeod Skinner’s ground game, check out her appeal to disgruntled Republicans, especially Veterans.
    Never underestimate a scorned, Rural (formerly Republican) voter.
    Jamie McLeod Skinner is giving voice to the unheard from “the other side of Oregon.” Walden’s smooth-talking, betrayal of his constituents is out in the open. You will see come November 6. McLeod Skinner has built a movement in District 2 to WIN.

    1. Jamie’s race is actually included on our Flip It Blue page. Thanks for the comment! I agree, Walden is vulnerable.

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