Democrats Need a Louder Message

Given the GOP’s ongoing assault on Democracy, Americans need a strong alternative to Trumpism. And it needs to be louder, because I don’t hear it.

I am a Democrat, and I want our party to win and stand for something. Unfortunately, due in part to the coverage that the media provides, I really don’t see what we stand for. So, either we stand for something and I’m just not getting the message, or we need a bolder platform that ventures beyond “Trump is terrible.”  Either way, we have our job cut out for us.

Democrats are going to have to figure out how to break through the noise and share their agenda, so that voters have a concise understanding of what we will do for the American people.  We have to provide them a reason to trust our candidates.

We all know that the president demonstrates time and time again that he is not morally fit for his role.

Every day, we as a people are perched on a window seat, observing scandal after scandal coming from this White House.  We see evidence that the president does not have an understanding of the role that he should play in the administration of our laws outlined in the Constitution.  We know that he is vindictive.  We know that he has little understanding of or appreciation for the law.  His actions indicate that he has authoritarian tendencies, and that he believes the President of the United States has the final say about the ethical implications of any action taken by his administration.

With all of this, we have to stand for more than being against this administration.  We need to convey a succinct message of what we can do to address the concerns of the American people.  We need to talk about what we intend to do about health care which is a primary concern for most Americans. Are Democrats out there doing this? If they are, it’s not reaching my ears.

We need to talk about what we intend to do to protect the civil rights of all Americans, and have conversations about how to make postsecondary education affordable for our next generation of children.  We need to convey a message that we intend to take the necessary steps to protect our environment, as well as address how we will restore citizens’ confidence in our judicial processes. Are Democrats proposing solutions on these fronts? If they are, I haven’t seen them.

We need to convey to the American people that we have a fair and honest solution to address immigration in country. We cannot and should not punish immigrants who are fleeing horrid circumstances from their homeland.  Instead, we need to outline a due process that will keep our country safe and at the same time allow people the opportunity for migrants to become legal contributing members to our society. Where’s the plan?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this of late because we are witnessing the President of the United States attempting to change the role of Commander in Chief into one of a dictatorship which is a direct threat to our democracy.

But simply because we see this does not mean that we can be against this and only this.  We need to speak to the American people and address their concerns as it relates to what their current needs are.

It is not enough to talk about a blue wave.  It is not enough to simply talk the talk. We have to walk the walk.  We need the American people to see our humanness.  We need to remind them that we intend to make lives better for all Americans and that each one of us deserves the chance to capture and live the American dream which right now seems to be out of reach for many of us.

As Democrats, we will be attacked.  We will be accused of doing the same things that this administration is doing.  We will be painted as being corrupt and morally bankrupt and be brushed with the same brush of dishonesty that has made “liberal” is a dirty word.  Instead of responding to these attacks (and trust me they will come) we have to uplift our Democratic leaders.  Independents and Progressives need to review who they can get behind and unite their goals with the common goal of restoring our democracy.

We cannot afford to be divided because as you can see, division is what brought us to this point in the first place.  We need to see and be united by our commonalities as opposed to being separated by our differences.

Our common goal is to take the appropriate action and present a road map to what we can and will do to uplift the middle class.  We need to hold their concerns first.  We need to give voice to their concerns and then take the necessary actions to address them.  Even more importantly, we need to be willing to listen; because it is with the art of listening that we can truly engage.

Our message needs to be clear. If there is in fact a clear message out there from Democrats, and I am just missing it, then it needs to be way louder. I am an engaged citizen who pays attention. If I am not hearing the message, others aren’t either.

Our democracy is currently being attacked by our commander in chief…and since we know that 30% of this country cannot speak for the 70% that do not support this administration, the question is simply this:

What do we stand for? America is hungry for an alternative to Trump and the GOP.

2 thoughts on “Democrats Need a Louder Message

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with every thing you have said. I am experiencing the same vacuum when I read the democrats message. We need to be aware of the tactic – none of Trump’s actions/ words are out of ignorance. They are deliberate, planned and methodical. We will be crushed by his steamroller if we do not unite in our efforts,have a plan of action that is clear and one cuts through the smoke stream. #1 – we are NOT totalitarians by contrast with Trump’s daily decisions to create the proper landscape for his totalitarian plutocracy. Each new decree needs to be met with an analysis of the consequences therein. Connect the dots for the voters because they cannot. Ignore his diversions, magic acts and general chicanery. Stay on track – what just happened and what does it mean. We have wasted 2 yrs. by not making him accountable. What he says and does is NOT alright,

  2. I agree with you 100%. Democrats and Progressives need to reach out to disgruntled Republicans and those in both parties who have moved more to the middle in their political views. This helped Moderate Republican candidates and Democrats pick up enough seats in the KS legislature in 2016 where both sides worked together to overturn Governor Sam Brownback’s destructive economic policies. Unfortunately, with Kris Kobach now the Conservative Republican candidate for governor state and GOP leaders are threatening the Moderates currently in office and other Moderates running for office for the midterms and calling them ‘traitors’ to Republican Conservatism and Democrats in disguise and telling them they will be ‘sorry’ if they do not fall in line behind Kobach or dare to speak out against him and other Conservatives. (every legislative seat is up for grabs in Nov.) But there are still a lot of Republican voters in KS and other states who do not want to return to the days of Conservative extremism that Kobach would bring.

    And those are voters Democrats need to reach out to in extreme red states and other states as well. It is a given that Democrats and Progressives won’t win every race but the more they can win, the wider the blue wave’s net can reach. There are also millions of Democrats who feel both Liberals and Conservatives have failed them, being too focused on the ‘them versus us’ battle and forgetting about “we the people”. This is led to deep polarization in recent years and why so many voters have simply quit voting. That is also needed with President Trump being up for re-election in 2020.

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