WATCH: Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s Amazingly Effective Ad

The Oregon Democrat, running a phenomenal campaign in OR-02 to defeat Greg Walden, is showing Democrats across the country how to connect with rural voters. And mean it.


Oregon_US_Congressional_District_2_(since_2013).tif.pngOregon’s 2nd Congressional District is huge, covering well over half of the square mileage of the 9th largest state in the union.

Most people think of Oregon as a bright blue state. Indeed, 4 out of 5 of the state’s US Congressional Representatives are Democrats, along with both US Senators and the Governor.

But vast swaths of the Beaver State are – at least in theory – deep red.

But Jamie McLeod-Skinner – running as a Democrat in the lone “red” district in the state  (a seat currently occupied by Rep. Greg Walden) – believes strongly that “rural” doesn’t have to mean “red”. She believes the proof is in the pudding, and that GOP policies have consistently worked against the hardworking families of OR-02.

Greg Walden in particular is a ready target for this argument, having been perhaps the primary architect behind the GOP’s attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act since it was signed into law by President Obama.

Now – in a strikingly effective ad – McLeod-Skinner is making the case that the hardworking families of OR-02 don’t have to settle for the status quo. This is definitely worth a watch:

You can learn more about Jamie’s candidacy at

8 thoughts on “WATCH: Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s Amazingly Effective Ad

  1. Kansas Progressive James Thompson also reached out to rural voters in the 4th Congressional district when he took on Republican Ron Estes in the 2017 special election to replace Mike Pompeo when he left to join the Trump Administration. Thompson only lost to Estes by 6 percentage points, the smallest margin in KS history and had a comfortable lead in the polls until Trump and Ryan made Robocalls and Ted Cruz made a stop in Wichia to rally Republican voters. Sadly the DNC provided no help and the KS Democratic Party provided little help leaving Thompson to depend entirely on his grassroots campaign or he might very well have beat Estes. In his concession speech Thompson warned that if Democrats and Progressive candidates didn’t start reaching out to rural voters they would continue to lose. Thompson is running to take the 4th Congressional District away from Ron Estes in the midterm election.

    1. Jamie is getting support from the Democratic Party of Oregon, but not the national party, which probably wouldn’t help much in this district.

  2. Thank you for this piece. In this race, Jamie is an under-rated underdog. She has won the hearts and minds and many here in the Oregon District 2. Her opponent, Republican Greg Walden, seems to be trying to act like there is not an election going on. He refuses to do Town Halls or hold any type of events like Meet and Greets where the public can just show up and ask him questions or even hear him speak. He has not followed through on his verbal agreement to debate Jamie. Meanwhile, Jamie is travelling throughout the district holding public events and trying to talk to as many voters as possible.

  3. 1-Is Jamie facing any push back because of her sexual orientation? 2-I know when she talks about gun violence, she stresses finding common ground. How is that working? As a gun owner & hunter (with the worlds best hunting dog I might add) who also survived gun violence; its a topic I have a vested interest in. 3-Fully support UHC, especially since the national cost to citizens of gun violence from deaths, injuries, physical & mental recovery, community policing costs and property damage; we need national gun safety laws. I’ve long wondered why of all the Amendments in the Bill of Rights, the 2A is the only one not regulated or implemented the same way the other rights are by national laws.

    1. I’m a county coordinator in this campaign, and Jamie answers that frequent question by saying that she is less afraid of saying she is gay in the conservative areas than she in saying she likes country music in the liberal areas. As far as we can tell, it is a non-issue, but it probably helps that her wife (and that is how she refers to her on the campaign trail) comes from an old ranching family that has been in eastern Oregon since settler days. She drives a Jeep (is on her second engine) and tows a tear drop trailer to sleep in on the campaign trail.

  4. I live in the OR-4th district. Pete DeFazio is my congressman, who I really like. Jamie is an impressive candidate. I sure hope she’s getting adequate DNC funding. She seems down to earth, intelligent, and caring. I know it’s a tough district for her. Very conservative. I hope she’s resonating there. Any idea if the Koch bros are throwing money at Walden?

  5. maybe in the next one you could refer to the squatter in chief as Trump, he doesn’t deserve nor did he earn legally the title or the respect that calling him President provides.

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