WATCH: Alexandra Chandler, the First Transgender US Congressperson?

A brand new & compelling campaign video highlights this fascinating candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ 3rd Congressional District.

Alexandra Chandler is an exceptionally qualified candidate for Congress in MA-03. On 9/11, her wife Catherine was deep below Manhattan on the subway when the towers fell. She spent hours in suspense, not knowing if Catherine had survived. They were lucky. Her ensuing concern for national security, her love of country and belief in her own abilities led her to join the intelligence community, and she proceeded to spend a dozen years protecting America in the office of Naval Intelligence and at the Pentagon, working to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction by state actors like North Korea.

Oh, and a footnote about Alexandra: she is a transgender woman.

She stood up for America once, and Chandler is standing up for America again; this time as a candidate for Congress. If she wins the nomination, based on the blue district she is in, she is very likely to become the first transgender member of Congress.

Here is Chandler’s hot-off-the-press campaign video:

In addition to lending her very substantial national security bona fides to the halls of Congress, she promises to fight for rights of everyday Americans that are under siege by the current administration:

“[I] will stand up for working people, middle class people, women, people of color, immigrants, veterans, people with disabilities, and LGBT people against President Trump’s attacks on us. No more falling through the cracks, no more retreating from the progress we have made. [I] will stand up for opportunity, dignity and security for all.”

Please listen to Chandler’s interview with the Two Broads Talking Politics Podcast HERE. And visit her website to learn more about her candidacy. Her primary is on September 4th.

Here is one more video that highlights Chandler’s story:

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