WATCH: “My Story” by Sharice Davids

I’m Sharice Davids. I want to fight in Congress for health and well-being of the people of Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District. My story:

Today, too many people have the odds stacked against them. I know what that’s like.

But even when I didn’t have much, I still had opportunity.

Because of my mom’s service in the military, we had affordable healthcare. Because of quality public schools, I was able to go from community college to an Ivy League law school. Because of hard work and opportunity, I’ve overcome many statistics to mount a historic campaign for Congress.

Unfortunately, I see many of those opportunities slipping out of reach for people in my district and throughout the country. And the Republicans in Washington aren’t going to change that. That’s why I’m running for Congress. I hope you’ll join me.

– Sharice

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