I’m Fighting Alongside Louisiana’s Working Class

Trump’s steep tariffs risk $83 billion in revenue for Louisiana businesses. Democrat Justin Dewitt will defend the people of LA-06.

The growing Trade War hurts everyone, but Louisiana most of all. Steep tariffs on steel and aluminum now threaten thousands of working and middle class jobs at ports across Louisiana, putting at risk more than $83 billion in revenue for the state’s businesses. Garret Graves was elected to serve the people of Louisiana District 6, but instead of taking a real stand against these economically dangerous policies, he continues to play partisan politics by refusing to denounce the tariffs.

Business leaders across the state are already seeing the risk firsthand. These new tariffs will cut jobs and inflict the most damage on the working and middle class. Not only will port and shipping jobs be affected, but virtually every industry in Louisiana that relies on steel and aluminum is at risk as well. This means manufacturing and distribution jobs could be cut as these unnecessary and hostile policies continue to take their toll.

The working class of Louisiana deserve better. We put our blood and our sweat into the economy, and when politicians like Graves fail to fight for them in return, we all suffer. The working class and small businesses of Louisiana are the driving force for our economy, and as the state that relies more on international trade than any in the United States, we need leadership in Washington that will put workers and businesses first. We don’t need the lip service of an out-of-touch politician like Garret Graves, and we don’t need these harmful tariffs to ensure fair trade.

Sending me to represent Louisiana District 6 means taking a stand. It means fighting to protect our economy and fighting for everyone, not just a select few. It means sending a message to Washington that Louisiana will not be kicked around by partisan politics. It means making our voices heard and showing the country the power and value of the working class.

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