“Let’s Clean House”

Democrat Mike Siegel means business. Today he announces a new CROWDPAC effort aimed at igniting young voters & “reclaiming” TX-10 from Michael McCaul.

According to Cook Political Report, Texas’ 10th Congressional District has a Partisan Voting Index rating of R+9, meaning that the district is roughly 9 points to the right of the general electorate. In a wave election and under the right conditions, that type of deficit can be overcome by Democrats. And Mike Siegel – the Democratic nominee running for Rep. Michael McCaul’s seat in the 10th – believes the route to victory runs through the youth vote.

So today, Siegel is announcing the launch of a new CROWDPAC effort aimed at reaching and motivating young voters into action. From the CROWDPAC page:

Calling all outraged parents, disgusted Democrats, and sick-to-your-stomach Americans: Let’s clean House.

Let’s welcome immigrant families into our homes instead of destroying theirs.

Let’s dismantle every racist, sexist, and downright life-threatening Republican policy.

Let’s reclaim our voice from “representatives” who only care about their wallets.

Let’s stand with Democratic candidate MIKE SIEGEL, build an unstoppable army of young voters, and take back Texas’ 10th Congressional District.

As Assistant City Attorney in Austin, Mike Siegel fought to uplift workers, schoolchildren, and immigrants.

And as Congressman for Texas, Mike will continue fighting to:

  • Demand health care that doesn’t bankrupt working Americans
  • Reject the NRA’s murder money so our kids don’t pay the price
  • Keep immigrant families exactly where they belong: together

Money from this effort would go toward targeted youth voter engagement & events, physical handout materials for grassroots activists to distribute, and a digital outreach campaign.

This effort, if successful, could serve as a model for how Democrats across the country can focus fundraising and outreach efforts on the youth vote, which has the potential to be disproportionately high this year in response to the rampant school shootings that have mobilized high school and college students across the country.

Mike Siegel is an Assistant City Attorney in Austin with a background in civil rights. Prior to law school, Siegel worked in Teach for America and founded two non-profit organizations focused on offering summer and after-school programming to disadvantaged young people.

TX-10 has been highlighted by Democrats Work For America as a competitive 2018 district, and is featured (along with Siegel) on the DemWritePress November Democrats page as a potential red-to-blue flip in November. The district covers a broad swath of Central/Eastern Texas, from Austin to Houston. From Wikipedia:


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