One thought on “The American Labor Movement, Collective Bargaining & Education

  1. A wonderful interview!
    I was raised in Wisconsin, many years ago now, when it was the hub of labor. Manufacturing, auto industry, breweries, vibrant unions were a force for workers and a unifying force in much of society. When Reagan “broke” the aircraft controllers strike, the new time began, when unions were chipped away at as representing people who would not be employed *without* a union, when unions were framed as representing long term employees who were lazy and did not work hard, but only achieved seniority through union systems, not through “merit,” teachers and public employees (“bureaucrats”) who did not care about their jobs, but only cared about their tenure and their benefits. It took decades for the dog whistles and verbal abuse to result in the Scott Walker regime in Wisconsin. The lack of respect for the workers of America has spread throughout our society, an attitude which has harmed us as a society in so many ways that now we reel because of the lack of respect throughout society.

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