June 5th is 2018’s Super Tuesday. Here are the Races to Watch.

Eight states will identify nominees across 85 US House races on Tuesday, 6/5. Here’s what to watch for.

One-fifth of all House races across the country will nominate Democratic and Republican standard-bearers this Tuesday, in the biggest 2018 election prior to November 6th. Of the 85 races where nominations are up for grabs, 30 of them are considered competitive in November – according to an analysis of races highlighted by DCCC, Democrats Work For America, Swing Left and The Cook Political Report.

Below we’ve listed the 30 races to watch, by state. These are the races most likely to impact whether Democrats retake the House in the fall. Once nominees are identified, they will be added to our November Democrats page, with links to their campaign sites.

We have added labels that signify relative importance based on the consensus among the assessment organizations listed above:

19929-blue-star-design = CRITICAL: Race was highlighted by three to four of the key assessment organizations listed above. There are 18 of these contests.

big-star-clip-art-9 = IMPORTANT: Race was highlighted by one to two of the key assessment organizations listed above. There are 12 of these contests.


big-star-clip-art-9 AL-02


big-star-clip-art-9 CA-01

19929-blue-star-design CA-04

big-star-clip-art-9 CA-07

big-star-clip-art-9 CA-08

19929-blue-star-design CA-10

19929-blue-star-design CA-21

big-star-clip-art-9 CA-22

big-star-clip-art-9 CA-24

19929-blue-star-design CA-25

19929-blue-star-design CA-39

big-star-clip-art-9 CA-42

19929-blue-star-design CA-45

19929-blue-star-design CA-48

19929-blue-star-design CA-49

19929-blue-star-design CA-50 


19929-blue-star-design IA-01

big-star-clip-art-9 IA-02

19929-blue-star-design IA-03

big-star-clip-art-9 IA-04


big-star-clip-art-9 MS-03


19929-blue-star-design MT – At Large

New Jersey

19929-blue-star-design NJ-02

19929-blue-star-design NJ-03

big-star-clip-art-9 NJ-04

19929-blue-star-design NJ-05

19929-blue-star-design NJ-07

19929-blue-star-design NJ-11

New Mexico

big-star-clip-art-9 NM-01

19929-blue-star-design NM-02

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