WATCH: “The Fighter” – The Best Political Ad of 2018

Democrat Sharice Davids, running for Congress in KS-03, channels the passion and frustration of Americans in her inspiring first ad.

Watch out, Kevin Yoder. Sharice Davids is coming for your job, and she seems like kind of a badass. Yes, Sharice went to Cornell Law and was a White House Fellow. But did you know she also has a background as a professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor? She makes it very clear in her first ad that she intends to head to DC, kick ass & take numbers.


This is a brilliant commercial. In just one minute, Davids is able to paint herself as a person who has overcome adversity at every turn, and who has the experience, the intelligence and – most importantly – the heart, to challenge the powers that be in Washington – politicians who are doing everything they can to keep people in their place.

Davids wants to face off against Kevin Yoder, a highly vulnerable Republican in Kansas’ 3rd District. Yoder has six out of seven “risk factors” that signify vulnerability for GOP incumbents, as defined by Cook Political Report. First, she needs to win the Democratic nomination. The Kansas primary is August 7th.

You can find out more about how to help Davids win Yoder’s seat at her website. Also, keep checking back here at DemWritePress for upcoming, original op-eds from Sharice herself.

Here is a hi-res YouTube version of the above video, complete with closed-captioning. 

11 thoughts on “WATCH: “The Fighter” – The Best Political Ad of 2018

  1. Would have liked to see a red MAGA hat on that “competitor”.
    The ignorant simpletons in the regressive GOP won’t really understand what hit them.

  2. It’s a good attention getter but she needs to Follow-up very quickly with a position video. We’ve had enough “performers”, we need her substance.

  3. You go girl! Congrats! in advance winning the KS-03 congressional seat

  4. Imua Lanikila Sharice…force Yoder to TAP OUT!! U got this!
    Rootn for u from Hawaii!!
    Next vid, wear a MAGA hat as stated in Jim Johnson’s reply…

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