5 thoughts on “An American Sea Change

  1. Thanks, Angela. I needed to read this and I think a million others need to read this. This current political climate has indeed made many of us feel alone, but I do have faith that our higher angels are still with us and we will regain our compassion and empathy again as a country.

  2. A beautiful essay. I fear the folks who cannot empathize with the people in your vignettes. I certainly hope everyone else votes in November.

  3. Thank you for articulating the the frustration so well. I believe there is still more good in our country than greed and self-interest. I try to remember what happens in times of natural disasters, how people always pull together to recover. This is a national disaster with many complicated contributors, but, I still believe the good, the charitable, the moral and humane will prvail.

  4. Thankyou for this thought provoking essay. I believe part of the GOP Strategy is to overwhelm and isolate us by attacking something different every day… We need to band together and remember who we are…..Americans…we are the country known for being good and kind, a land of opportunity for those who work hard….and we are not alone..Together, we will prevail.

  5. Beautifully written Angela, and so poignant. There is a mentality among way too many in this country of: “I worked hard for mine, now you need to work for yours because I’m not sharing or giving hand-outs.” This total lack of compassion and empathy for others faced with challenges as well as an unwillingness to support or defend any social safety nets has left this once great thriving country with a growing number of losers. And it’s not just the poorest or sickest among us that have been effected, but also many in the middle class who are often just one paycheck away from disaster. It will indeed take a Blue Wave and a large majority in the House to begin to turn the tides. But unlike some other commentators here, I’m not so convinced that the selfish, the biased or the least inclusive among us will change at all. I think there will be a backlash. And I fear that it might even turn militant. I’ve read the comments on Twitter and the haters out there have a fire within them so fierce that it should scare us all.

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