Rising Tide: The Blue Wave is Building

As the election season heats up, a look at the Democratic nominees for critical House races that are integral to flipping Congress this November.

Because there is so much attention on the 2018 midterm elections, social media streams are filled with candidate information, from the local to the state to the federal level. The information can be overwhelming, and there is a real danger that people will tune out. Not only are there literally thousands of races across the country, but there are multiple people running for party nominations in many cases – especially in the most critical contests.

The result is that there are potentially thousands of names to track, and it is impossible for even the most engaged citizens to become truly familiar with all of them.

Democrats who hold particular interest in flipping Congress blue can and should focus attention on a select group of about 120-130 candidates who will represent the party in competitive House districts this November, and who will require support and amplification throughout the summer & into fall.

At DemWritePress, we’re calling these candidates “November Democrats”, and we are building out content that will help steer people to critical information about new and existing members of this group.

Candidates fall into the November Democratscategory if they are the nominee of a district that has been labeled “competitive” by one or more of the following organizations: Cook Political Report, DCCC, Democrats Work For America, Swing Left. Each of these organizations uses different criteria to settle on districts to highlight. There is much overlap between their lists, but application of the “competitive” label is not by any means unanimous, so we’ve decided to be as inclusive as possible in our efforts to summarize the information through aggregation of their lists. But until recently, there weren’t many nominees to highlight.

That is about to change. Before May 8th, only a half-dozen of the primaries in these critical competitive districts had occurred. Throughout May and June, there will be a lot more activity with this group of high-stakes races. But the primary season is about to kick into high gear.

Into High Gear

Illinois and Texas kicked us off with primaries in March (though many Texas districts will be holding “top-two” runoffs on May 22nd), and Utah held caucuses that determined most Congressional race nominees in that state – including one November Democrat. Thus, a handful of critical swing-district nominees were decided in March, followed by a nearly two-month gap in election activity.

This past week, on May 8th, over 20 districts identified November Democrat nominees for fall Congressional races in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and West Virginia. And that was just a warm-up for the weeks to come, when critical states like Pennsylvania, Arizona & Georgia will hold their nominating contests, and Texas will hold primary runoff elections in several battleground districts.

Altogether, between now and June 5th – when California has its primaries along with New Jersey, New Mexico and Iowa – 44 additional competitive districts will hold nominating contests. At that point, over half of the nation’s November Democrats (71 races in total) will have been identified, up from just 6 a month earlier.

In other words: things are getting real.

Where We Stand

As of today, 27 districts have nominated November Democrats who will face Republicans in the fall. They are listed below with links to campaign websites and Ballotpedia pages for each district. Please support these candidates.

North Carolina
West Virginia

3 thoughts on “Rising Tide: The Blue Wave is Building

  1. Thank you for the info. Living in the NW I know we have to vote in our county and one other just to keep this state blue so Oregon is not always a given no state is everyone needs to be educated!

  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add Chalis Montgomery and the Montgomery for Congress campaign to your watch list (and encourage grassroots donations, Twitter likes, Facebook friends, and so on.) We have made this district competitive (US House Ga district 10). I have been nearly a life long resident of this district which represents some of the heart of poor and working class black Georgia. Chslis has been doing the real neighborhood to neighborhood work to flip this district. It is one to watch. Primary on May 22nd.

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