PODCAST: Avalanche of Resistance w/guest Katie Hill (CA-25)

Katie Hill is a bright, young community leader & CEO of PATH (People Assisting The Homeless).  She knows California’s 25th Congressional District, because she & her family have lived there most of her life.

Katie joined me on Avalanche of Resistance to discuss issues important to her district: homelessness, veterans, climate change, providing children with a high-quality education, serving special needs children, the skyrocketing cost of housing in L.A. County, healthcare and her personal experience with an unplanned pregnancy.

California’s 25th Congressional District includes the Antelope Valley, Agua Dulce & Santa Clarita. Incumbent Rep. Steve Knight (R-Lancaster) is uncontested by his own party going into the primary and the district is rated as a toss-up. The Democratic candidate who advances to the general in November will need a 7-point swing to defeat Knight.

Katie is endorsed by EMILY’s List, American Nurse’s Association, Avalanche Of Resistance, DemWrite Press, Democrats Work for America and many others, plus multiple state & community leaders as well as celebrities.

Volunteers & donors can help Katie at: https://www.katiehillforcongress.com

Our Blue Wave candidates need the dedicated assistance of Political Action Committees (PACs), like Democrats work for America.  You can help by donating at: http://democratsworkforamerica.org.

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