PODCAST: Avalanche Of Resistance w/ guest Regina Bateson (CA-04)

Meet Regina Bateson, Roseville Native & #BlueWave Democrat seeking to defeat Tom McClintock in November.

In this Interview, Dr. Bateson & I discuss issues important in her Central California district: women’s rights, healthcare, veterans, mass shootings & rural broadband. We also delve into Regina’s consular experience with the State Department.

Key to winning California’s 4th Congressional District is Roseville itself. Regina’s hometown is vital to achieve the 14 point swing needed for Democrats to defeat the incumbent Republican McClintock.

Regina is endorsed by Avalanche of Resistance, DemWritePress, Democrats Work for America and many others. Regina’s Campaign Website, Twitter, Facebook.

Enjoy the podcast. (Subscribe to Avalanche of Resistance on iTunes!)

4 thoughts on “PODCAST: Avalanche Of Resistance w/ guest Regina Bateson (CA-04)

  1. Unfortunately, your profile on Ms. Hill is only a puff piece, without even a mention of the other Dem candidates in CA-25. Ms. Hill raised most of her money outside the district and refused to join a pledge to discourage independent expenditures on her behalf, a la the Eliz. Warren IE pledge. You do a disservice to voters in CA-25 by pushing one candidate over the others.

    1. I explained this in the blurb. AoR is a grassroots podcast, I do this on my own time & at my own expense. I wish I had time to do all the candidates, but I don’t, so we feature only those candidates endorsed by DWP & Democrats Work for America.

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