4 thoughts on “Grandma Says: Watch Your Language, Kids…It’s getting “Old”

  1. Excellent article!!! I feel the same way, move over a bit ‘kids’, we’ve done this before. Each age has something to offer the other, together we can get things right. My sons can program my car entry thingy in a snap, but haven’t lived through a war that was just about the ONLY news, with friends and neighbors terrified of getting the dreaded selective service mail. I’ll be right there with you, ma’am, may even dig out my Earth shoes. Thanks for great musings!

    1. Thank you for this reply. It feels like we’re all pushing the same boulder up the hill, and it’s a tremendous mix of all people. And that’s what we love, is the mix of all people:)

  2. Can’t tell you how many times having a copy of this would have come in handy with some of the “young turks” working local campaigns. Will share strategically!

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