Help Democrat Betsy Londrigan Defeat Rodney Davis in IL-13

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan is the Democratic nominee in the IL-13 swing district. Support this November Democrat!

This race is featured as a competitive swing district by the DCCC, Democrats Work for America and the Cook Political ReportBetsy Londrigan won her party’s nomination in March, and will face Rodney Davis this fall. She is a November Democrat. 

The Republican Incumbent: Rodney Davis joined Congress in 2013, and since his 2012 run has taken tens of thousands in pro-gun donations, from the NRA and Safari Club International. He voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cast his vote for the billionaires with a “yea” for the Trump Tax Scam. Illinois deserves better.

The Challenger: Betsy Londrigan’s roots in Central Illinois go back generations. But her route to this Congressional run began in 2009 with a tick bite. Her son, Jack, was in the hospital in a medically-induced coma, fighting for his life, for 24 days. Eventually he recovered, but this experience had a deep impact on Betsy and her family. Thankfully, they had high-quality health insurance that saved them from disastrous financial calamity due to all of the ensuing medical bills.

Fast forward to May 4th, 2017 when Betsy saw her Representative, Rodney Davis, in the Rose Garden celebrating the passage of the House’s ACA “overhaul” bill that would leave 24 million Americans uninsured. Though the bill was doomed in the Senate, Betsy made a decision that she wasn’t going to sit by and allow her Rep to take away health coverage from people who may face the same kind of medical emergency that nearly killed her son and could very easily bankrupt an uninsured family.

She highlights this focus in a high-impact campaign video:

So she’s running for Davis’ seat.

Betsy has been a small business owner, and has also worked for Senator Dick Durbin and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation. She actively volunteers for causes throughout her community. She has lived in Springfield for nearly her entire life. Read more about Betsy here.

On the Issues: Betsy wants to go to Congress to protect and improve the ACA while moving toward universal coverage. She also wants to protect Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security from GOP attacks. She cares passionately about small business, and wants to pas tax legislation that would help the middle class – not the billionaire class – thrive. Read more about Betsy’s positions here.

il13The District:

IL-13 went to Donald Trump in 2016 by 5.5 points, and the 13th has had a Republican Representative for decades (before Davis it was Judy Biggert). So this would be a huge pickup for Democrats. Click this Ballotpedia Link with info about the 13th.

Counties: IL-13 includes Calhoun, Christian, De Witt, Greene, Jersey, Macon, Macoupin, Montgomery, and Piatt counties, as well as portions of Bond, Champaign, Madison, McLean, and Sangamon counties.


How You Can Help Flip the 13th

  • Visit Betsy’s campaign website to learn more about her, and to sign up for email updates.
  • Enter your information here to volunteer by hosting a fundraiser, canvassing or phone banking.
  • Follow Betsy on Twitter and Facebook, and spread word about her on social media.
  • If you are in the district, register to vote! And make sure your friends and neighbors are registered as well!
  • Join a local Indivisible Group! Enter your zip code and get contact info and social media pages for all the groups in your district.

About the November Democrats Series:

At the national level, it can be hard to keep track of who is a primary candidate vs. a party nominee. DemWrite Press is here to help. As state primaries pass, we will periodically feature Democratic Party nominees from critical swing races in our November Democrats Series, to help you focus your support.

Because there will literally be thousands of Democrats on the ballot in November, this series will hone in and feature nominees (not primary candidates) in races highlighted as competitive by Swing Left, the DCCC, The Cook Political Report and/or Democrats Work for America.

Stay tuned for more candidate highlights in our November Democrats series. 

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