Help Brendan Kelly Defeat Republican Mike Bost in IL-12!

A navy veteran and State’s Attorney, Democratic nominee Brendan Kelly can flip this Illinois swing district in 2018.

This race is featured as a critical swing district by the DCCC, Swing Left, and Democrats Work for AmericaBrendan Kelly won his party’s nomination in March, and will face Mike Bost this fall. He is a November Democrat. 

The Republican Incumbent: The choice couldn’t be more stark: Mike Bost, the Republican incumbent for Illinois’ 12th Congressional District, has voted with Donald Trump 98.6% of the time. He voted for Trumpcare and for the tax scam, and he also wants to pass a balanced budget amendment – a backdoor strategy to slash social programs like Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security. None of these positions will help the people of Southern Illinois.

Enter Brendan Kelly.

The Challenger: Public service is a tradition in Kelly’s family, and Brendan has lived those values. After he himself served as an officer in the US Armed Forces including being posted in the Middle East, Brendan came back to the US to earn his law degree. He served as Assistant State’s Attorney for a number of years before becoming State’s Attorney for St. Clair County.

As State’s Attorney, Brendan filed suit against pharmaceutical companies for maximizing profits and deceiving patients about opioids, and also created a children’s justice division to prosecute crimes against children. He also helped to reduce costs and eliminated unnecessary spending to ensure his office wasn’t needlessly spending taxpayer money. More on Brendan’s background is at his campaign website.

Kelly wants to ensure safe communities, access to healthcare, and updated infrastructure to help the residents of Southern Illinois live and thrive. Brendan believes that too much wealth and power is consolidated at the top. He’ll push for fairness and bring integrity to DC.

il12The District: IL-12 went to Barack Obama twice, and the people of the 12th voted Senator Tammy Duckworth in by 9 points. Prior to Bost, this Congressional seat was held by Democrats. So this is a purple district. Click this Ballotpedia Link with info about the 12th. For Swing Left’s District Primer: Click Here.

Cities: Belleville, Granite City, O’Fallon, Alton, East St. Louis, Carbondale.

How You Can Help Flip the 12th

  • Visit Brendan’s campaign website to learn about his positions, how you can help support the campaign, and to sign up for email updates.
  • Follow Brendan on Twitter and Facebook, and spread word about him on social media.
  • Keep an eye out for ways to volunteer!



About the November Democrats Series:

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