How to Help Arizona Democrat Hiral Tipirneni Win on 4/24

First, Doug Jones. Then, Conor Lamb. Now: Hiral Tipirneni. Early voting has started, so it’s time to ramp up GOTV efforts.

On April 24th, residents of the Northwest Phoenix Metro Area will elect a temporary replacement to fill the seat of (another) disgraced Republican Trent Franks, who had to leave office due to a sex scandal. This district, which is disproportionately constituted by older, conservative Americans should be an easy “hold” for the GOP.

But following in the footsteps of Democrat Conor Lamb who narrowly won victory in his March special election in Pennsylvania, Cancer Research Advocate and Emergency Room Doctor Hiral Tipirneni is closing in on another momentum-building pickup for Democrats.

Like in the Pennsylvania race, this Democrat’s odds of victory went up the moment that local Republicans nominated her lackluster opponent. GOP candidate Debbie Lesko is closely tied to the Koch Brothers (she recently said in a debate that they share her “values”).  She is a major proponent of the highly unpopular Betsy Devos and the idea of privatizing public education via vouchers. And Lesko has also faced ethical complaints (from fellow Republicans) over an apparent violation of campaign finance laws.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tipirneni has served her community for decades as a trusted physician and community leader. Her campaign has focused on preservation of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in the face of GOP efforts to cut these programs – a message that resonates with the aging constituents of this district. Much like with Conor Lamb, “Dr. Hiral” is the right candidate in the right place at the right time.

To Capture a Strategic Win…

A win in this district would be a significant momentum builder for Democrats heading into the 2018 midterms. Here are some actions that you can take to help ensure a victory for Tipirneni and the residents of AZ 08, even if you don’t live in this district:


  • Knock on Doors: If you are in the district, please consider canvassing door to door for Hiral. There is simply no better way to get out the vote.
  • Phone Bank: The campaign has set up phone banking shifts, and they welcome support from anywhere in the US.
  • Send Hand-Crafted Postcards: Get creative! The campaign is working with Postcards To Voters to help get word out to constituents with a personalized touch.
  • Push Out Information on Social Media: Post, tweet and share information coming from the campaign. Urge others to get involved. Here are the campaign Twitter and Facebook accounts.


3 thoughts on “How to Help Arizona Democrat Hiral Tipirneni Win on 4/24

  1. I see a Dr Hiri is running for US Congress after the GOP Rep resigned in disgrace.Dr Hiri who works in the Emerg Rm is a strong proponent for Medicare,Medicaid &SS.His GOP opponent M Lesko is taking 💰💰😓 from the Kock Bros. Vote for honesty this Apr24th&integrity. That is a vote for Dr Hiri &lets keep the Blue Wave going after winning two seats . One in the Senate & one in the House.

  2. Thanks for promoting all of these ways to help boost Dr. Tipirneni’s campaign. is humbled to have been asked to play a role in their winning GOTV plan. Write with us after it’s too late to phone bank or canvass. =)

  3. And we have phone banks for Hiral in LA (Culver City) every week! reply here if you’d like to join.

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